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Brian Laundry's Gabby Petit's Confession: Experts Consider the Claims of the Admitted Murderer, "This is All A Lie."

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Tampa, Florida-Brian Laundrie's shocking handwriting found near the body in October, calling Gabby Petito's strangulation an act of mercy and an "unexpected tragedy." I assembled it with my confession and announced it on Friday. Experts moved quickly to analyze his story.

He killed her and her way to suicide after claiming she was "shaking violently", "freezing cold" and apparently injured her. I started walking.

A longtime coroner doctor. Michael Baden, Cyril Wecht, Brent Blue – The latter performed an autopsy at 22-year-old Petite in late 2021 and on Friday, just hours after Laundry's confessiondetailswere released. I talked to Fox News Digital. So did John Kerry, a crime profiler and psychotherapist who interviewed numerous murderers, and Jason Jensen, a private detective. Laundry, 23, scribbled an eight-page note of a notebook he left before shooting and committing suicide in an environmental park in Florida.

Gabby Petito Murder: Brian Laundrie's notebook confession revealed, "I've finished her life"

Brian Laundrie (main) and an inset photo of a portion of the note Landrie left behind

One of the notes left by Brian Laundrie (main) and Landrie Insert photo of the part(Michael Ruiz / Fox News Digital)

Fox News Digital first reported the details of the memo. Laundry wrote, "It was merciful and I thought it was what she wanted," so he "finished her life."

"He turned the confession over. He wanted to use it as a benevolent murder," criminal profiler Kelly told Fox News Digital. "That's what bothers me more than anything else."

Laundry said, "Splash and scream

"Not found." When he heard, he and Petite claimed to be "trying to cross" the stream. She shouted her name for a while. I found her breathing hard gasping for my name, she was freezing cold, "he wrote. "I didn't know what hurts when I pulled Gabby out of the water. I had a small hump on my forehead and eventually grew up. My legs hurt, my wrists hurt, but she froze while I was carrying her. She quivered violently. She said she constantly made a painful noise, lay next to her, begging for a little wrapping, gasping, and the end of the pain during the violent shaking. "

See the image of the memo left behind:

He added: "I don't know how much Gabby was injured. Pain. "

Kelly ridiculed this version of the event. "He found her breathing hard and out of breath, so he decided to suffocate her. Fall of man, God forbids anyone to get really badly injured."

Dr. Blue, a Titon County Inspector in Wyoming, murdered Petite's death as a result of a manual strangulation ofand a blunt trauma of . I decided. neck. He told Fox News Digital on Friday that there are limits to what he can discuss the case.

"In any case, euthanasia is not legal in any state, anywhere. Euthanasia is murder."

— Dr. Cyril Wect From Fox News Digital 

Gabby Petito's parents, Brian Laundrie's lawyer, appear in Florida court for hearing. Fate

"According to the Wyoming Act, I can only publish her name, birthday, cause and method of death," he said. rice field. phone. The coroner's office did not publish Petite's autopsy report.

Read the memo type version here:

Jen Bethoon, who was in the Wyoming area at the time of Petite's death, disputes Laundry's claim to temperature. I chanted it. Bethoon told Fox News Digital that the weather was around 40s, not the 38 degrees Fahrenheit that Laundry claimed.

Brian Laundrie found: Parents may have missed finding their wreckage

"He confessed. He wanted to offer it as a benevolent murder. That's what bothers me above all."

— John Kelly, Crime Profiler

Even if Petite experienced hypothermia before her death, her body was unlikely to show such signs, Dr. Wect, who was not working, said. explained. It's in the case and you're not forbidden to talk about it. If her body was hypothermic or exposed to such low temperatures for extended periods of time, a forensic pathologist may not be able to determine unless the condition is "severe and long-term." 

And yet, Wect told Fox News Digital that the length of time it takes for her body to recover will also play a role. However, Mr. Wect said violent tremors were not a sign of severe hypothermia.

Gabby Petito: The FBI has terminated the murder investigation after revealing a confession in Brian Laundrie's notebook

Police in Moab, Utah, stopped Brian Laundrie on Aug. 12 after he allegedly slapped Gabby Petito in public.

Police in Moab, Utah have made Gabby Petito public. Brian Laundrie was stopped on August 12th after being allegedly hit in the field. (Moab City Police)

"Hypothermia, it will be hellish at first, but thenhypothermia When it gets noticeable, then you don't tremble and don't move, "he said. "In fact, in surgery, that's why it puts the patient in a hypothermic state. Everything is significantly slower."

"Laundry can contact another camper in just a few minutes." , 911 could have been called. "

— Jason Jensen, Private Detective

Kelly and Jensen,Utah-based Both private detectiveshave also found that they are tracking the incident, the story of Petite falling into an incredibly shallow stream.

"He writes the story of this farce, in which she fell and was injured while crossing Spread Creek, and explains how she couldn't be left behind," Jensen said. Said, "an attempt to rewrite history."

Gabby Petito in an undated photograph.

Gabby Petito for photos without dates. (Northport Police)

He left her in late August. According to Kelly, the search team found her body left on September 19.

"I don't believe in all of this accident because you love someone so much, you can't continue without her, you love her so much, you commit suicide Because I want to. Romeo and Juliet. "Kelly asked. "She's injured, so you don't go for her help, and you don't travel extra distances, or even report her missing." 

Gabby Petito, left, and Brian Laundrie are seen in bodycam footage released by the Moab City Police Department in Utah.

Gabby Petito, left, Brian Laundrie You can see it in the body camera footage released by the Moab City Police Department in Utah. (Moab City Police)

Dr. Baden, New York City Chief MedicalInspector and Forensic Pathologist He has performed more than 20,000 autopsies over 50 years and said there is some information showing signs of gastric bleeding as a result of severe hypothermia. 

"In general, hypothermia does not cause injuries that are easily detected at autopsy. How many small bleedings in the stomach may occur in very severe cold depths. I have that information, "he explained. "But it's in the weeds. It's a forensic pathology weed."

He wasn't obsessed with the case either.

Gabby Petito poses for an Instagram photo in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Gabby Petito takes a photo of Instagram in Bryce Canyon National Park The park to take pictures of. (Gabby Petito's family)

Gabby Petito Murder: Timeline of disappearance with Brian Laundrie

As Petito claimed to have been afraid, such injuries would not have been apparent on autopsy, both Baden and Wect said. .. 

"You won't see anything in your brain," Wect said. 

But if she was, Kelly said she believed it was intentional, based on the existing signs of her domestic violence.

"If she was hit on her head, it was by him," he said. "I don't think this was an accident."

Gabby Petito memorial in Florida.

Gabby Petito Memorial in Florida. (Michael Ruiz / Fox News Digital)

Wect is John F. He has been involved in some of the country's hottest death investigations, including President Kennedy. And Jon Benét Ramsey. Baden is also involved in high-profile cases, such as the death of financial firm and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

"In any case, euthanasia is not legal in any state," Wect added. "Euthanasia is a murder."

Apart from the limited details announced regarding the autopsy, Laundry's handwritten confession also sheds light on Gabby's last moments and his murder logic. .. 

Patrick Reilly, a lawyer representing Petito's family, told Fox News Digital outside the FBI buildingthat he couldn't comment on Friday. Richard Stafford, a family legal counsel, did not respond immediately. 

Attorney Steve Bertolino said Laundry's parents felt "terrible" on Friday.

Attorney Pat Reilly leaves the FBI's Tampa office Friday.

Attorney Pat Reilly said on Friday the FBI's Tampa office. Leave the place. (Michael Ruiz / Fox News Digital)

In his confession, called an apology, he neglected responsibility.

"He said he had finished her life," Jensen said. "He can't admit that'I killed her.'" 

Crime profiler Kelly said the letter was in a police body camera laundry in Moab, Utah. Along with past behavior, waiting for staff at a Jackson restaurant shortly before Petit's death showed signs of highly narcotic personality and social disorders.

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According to Jensen, these events too It was proof of the pattern.

"The truth is that he killed her because he was a domestic abuser," Jensen said. "He strangled her and did so before. Facts were suggested about their fight at Moab on August 12th."  

A still from one of Petito's travel-blogging videos.

Petito's travel blog video. (Gabby Petito / YouTube)

Then he left her alone in the wilderness of Wyoming, returned to Florida in her van, and she. I spent my money. He went camping with her family, spent time with her nephew, and Petite's parents desperately asked for information about her whereabouts before being shot in her head in her favorite local park. I ignored it because it was there. 

"In a sense, the only thing I admitted to him was that he decided to be eaten by animals himself," he said. "In the end, he wanted to disappear. He felt he wasn't anyone."

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