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Britney Spears' dad, Jamie, denies alleging that he eavesdropped on her bedroom

Britney Spears' estranged father, Jamie Spears, denies eavesdropping on the pop star's bedroom while serving as her guardian.

Jamie, 69, declared an oath on Wednesday, nine months after the bombing New York Times documentaryaccused him of recording Britney, 40 at Thousand Oaks. I submitted it to the Los Angeles High Court. , California, his home.

"I was informed by Britney's lawyer of allegations that a listening device or" bug "was placed in her bedroom as a guardian during adulthood. This claim is false, "Jamie said in a court document exclusively obtained by PageSix.

"I have never conducted or approved Britney's bedroom surveillance, including the adult guardianship system," he adds. "I am unaware that such surveillance has taken place."

Jamie also "under the penalties of perjury", "if summoned and sworn as a witness", He states that he "can testify and testify" that his declaration is "truthful and correct."

Britney's lawyer, Matthew Rosa & Berry, did not immediately respond to Page Six's request for comment.

In The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears, premiered on FX and Hulu in September 2021, former security guards said Jamie secretly captured Britney's audio recording in her bedroom. Insisted. In addition to monitoring text messages, calls and internet history on her cell phone, her children.

Whistleblower Alex Vrasov — the company Blackbox Security, Jamie hired to protect Britney duringher guardian days— to the Times He upheld his claim by providing alleged recordings, emails, and texts, whilepublished a front page reportdetailing what he described as a "powerful surveillance device." did.

Jamie's then-lawyer, Vivien Leigh, said in a documentary statement that her client's "actions agree with the knowledge of Britney, a lawyer appointed in her court." It was done [Samuel D. Ingham III] ". / Or the court ", but neither explicitly denied Vlasov's allegations at the time.

Then in January, Rosa & Berry asked former FBI special agent Shelleen Evadi to investigate newspaper coverage, andshe said Jamie "to others [Britney's]. ] Privacy and civil liberties. "

Evadi said in a declaration obtained by Page Six at the time that he had "personally reported and interviewed" Urasov, and he was "very credible." He said he admitted that he was a witness.

As of this week, Britney and Jamie's lawyers have avoided demanding a testimony record regarding the adult guardianship system that largely dominated the life and money of "toxic" singers. 14 years before, which blamed each other's clients as ends in November 2021. Rosengart said the winner of Gourami was "trapped in the dark for more than a decade" and how Jamie performed her protection beforehis suspensionin September 2021. I can't completely talk about it.