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Buffalo Wingnut Carl Paladino is wrong for Western New York (and anywhere else)

Republican Carl Paladino is running for a congressional seat in Western New York.
Republican Carl Paladino is running for a seat in the Western New York Parliament. New York Post Shawna Stanley

Carl Paladino, who became a Republican governor candidate in 2010, is nowin Parliament in New York. Run for the western seat. He is the absolutelastperson that Republicans there (or everywhere) need to represent them.

For example, last week Paladino was desperately trying to defend the rough remarks he made about blacks in 2016. A week earlier, he ignited in November 2021 by praising the Nazi madman Adolf Hitleras "the leader needed today."

Indeed, he is so radioactive that even Ellicott Development, a company founded in 1971, has removed him from the company's website.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are finally making great strides here and with blacks, Hispanics, and Asian voters across the country. Republicans in New York and Washington don't need the Paladino bilge to cloud politics. Andrew Cuomo outperformed him by 30 points when he ran for governor in 2010.

Paladino faces GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy in the Republican primary in the 23rd Congress. Regardless of their view of Langworthy, Republicans should never approach Paladino even to be their candidate.