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California doctor Yue Yu accused of poisoning husband ordered to keep Drano away from children

A Southern California doctor was accused of poisoning her husband by spiking lemonade in Drano, but a judge said Thursday that her two children ordered to stay away from

Irvine dermatologist Yue “Emily” Yu, 45 — Said to have been caught on camera taking pills Jack Chen, 53 — 81} wore a stoic look in a black skirt during their divorce court hearing in Orange County, according to Inside Edition footage. 

Chen, who filed for divorce earlier this month, has requested a restraining order to keep his wife away from his seven-year-old and her eight-year-old children. rice field.

Yue “Emily” Yu, the California dermatologist who allegedly poisoned her husband Jack Chen with Drano, at divorce court in Orange County.
Yu was ordered by a judge to stay away from her 7-and-8 year old children.
Inside Edition

After the hearing, Yu's lawyers alleged that Chen fabricated an addiction story to gain custody of the children.

"Again, I think it was a hoax," Wall told reporters. "She did not use [Drano] to poison her husband." It was used to unclog the kitchen drain in the couple's $2.5 million home.

Yu's lawyer claimed she was "set up" and didn't put Drano in her husband's lemonade.
Internal Edition
Yu was arrested for allegedly poisoning Chen.
Irvine Police Department/Mega

However, Chen's attorney, Steven Hittelmann, said on Thursday that his client suffered "esophageal swelling" and "stomach ulcers" after drinking chocolate. Hot lemonade reportedly spiked with Drano.

When Chen, a radiologist,  says he had been suffering from an unexplained illness for weeks, he became suspicious and decided to install a "nannycam" in his kitchen.

Footage filed in court and obtained by The Washington Post shows Yu holding a large red plastic bottle and pouring its contents over objects in early July. .

Nanny camera footage that Chen claimed proves Yu poured Drano into his drink.
Photo courtesy of Steven G. Hittelman, Hittelman Family Law Group.

Yu was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband on August 4, and Chen filed for divorce the next day.

Prosecutors are reviewing the allegations to decide whether to file charges, a spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney's Office said at the time.