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California Newsome to Florida in New Advertising: "Join Us"

Governor of Florida and Disney Battle

Governor Gavin Newsom He is aiming for reelection in California, but his latest television ad is airing in Florida.

The30-second spot, scheduled to air on Fox News from Monday, isFlorida Governor Rondesantisand his policies. To shoot. Draw a contrast with California.

"Freedom, you're under attack in your state. Republican leaders ban books, make voting difficult, limit classroom speech, and criminalize women and doctors. I'm even doing it, "says Newsam. Former President Donald Trump flashes on the screen.

"I encourage everyone living in Florida to participate in the fight, or we still believe in freedom. Join California. Freedom of speech, free choice, freedom from hatred, and freedom to love, "says Newsam.

Newsom said he wasn't interested in running for president, but the ad must evoke speculation that a 54-year-old Democrat is looking to a national position. DeSantis is a 2024 GOP presidential candidate who is gaining popularity among Republicans. 

Newsom will easily defeat last year's recall attempt and will cruise for reelection in the Golden State in November.

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