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Zhou Guanyu overcomes a dramatic crash and Carlos Sainz wins his first F1 victory at the British Grand Prix

(CNN)Carlos Sainz was in F1 after Alfa Romeo's Zhou Guanyu overcame a big crash at the dramatic British Grand Prix on Sunday. I won my first victory. First lap.

The lap car was turned over and had to restart the race after colliding with a clipped fence shortly after the start.

There was a long delay, but after being evaluated by the medical center, the driver was finally declared healthy.

After the race resumed, Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez damaged the car, allowing Ferrari Sainz and Charles Leclerc to establish a strong lead.

However, the safety car with 10 laps remaining allowed Perez to regain contact, and he and Lewis Hamilton were Leclerc at the exhilarating end of the race to secure second and third place respectively. Overtook.

Sainz, who overtook his teammates after the safety car, had a hard time suppressing his emotions after crossing the line for the first time.

"I don't know what to say, it was amazing," Sainz said after the race. "It was an unforgettable special day.

" It wasn't easy. I had a lot of trouble balancing, but I still believed. "

Horror crash

There was a lot of excitement before the race and many global stars were busy on the grid before the start.

Shortly after the race began, but the excitement became nervous after a huge collision stopped progressing on the first lap.

The footage shows that Zhou's Alfa Romeo is upside down in a dramatic incident involving George Russell and Pierre Guthrie.

The lap car slipped upside down across the truck, flipping the tire barriers before hitting the fence. Avoided serious injuries.

"Okay, everything is clear. Hello saved me today. Thank you for your kind message," Zhou tweeted after thecrash. Hospital for preventive checks.

After a long wait, the race started again with a standing start at the original grid position. This is despite Hamilton's first jump from 5th to 3rd, with Verstappen overtaking Signs on the first start.

The restart was clean, but it wasn't without the drama. Ferrari and Red Bull cars competed for the top four positions, and Perez damaged his car and returned to the field after a forced pit stop.

Signs initially managed to stop Verstappen, but Red Bull's driver quickly overtook and became a familiar lead.

However, an active F1 champion punctured and damaged the rear of the car.

His race virtually pleased some of Silverstone who were ridiculing the driver over the weekend as he stopped after the pie and hindered his performance.

When the two Ferraris seemed to race clear, the safety car reassembled the field, allowing Perez and Hamilton to fight for the podium.

Sainz hopes to follow up on his first victory in Austria next week with another victory.