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CBS News Poll: Americans Respond to Overthrow of Roe v. Wade

Americans make the first decision to overthrow the Roe v. Wade case and are most opposed to the decision, including the two. Do-one-third of disapproved women. 

With a difference of 20 points or more, Americans call it a retreat rather than a forward for the United States. And women, more than 3 to 1, believe that this ruling will make women's lives worse, not better. 

Approvers, especially three-quarters of the conservatives who approve, say they feel both hope and happiness. 

Looking ahead, those who oppose Friday's ruling say the High Court may one day limit or terminate contraception. Especially likely to think, and the same-same-sex marriage.


The view that Roe is overturned is divided along the lines of the faction, but probably as complete as political debates and legislative battles suggest. Not. One in six Democrats agrees and one in five Republicans disagrees. 

Young people can be particularly disapproved across demographic groups. Most moderates are disapproved with 9 out of 10 liberals. Two-thirds of Hispanic Americans are disapproved, three-quarters of black Americans, and just over half of White Americans are disapproved. 

Highly supported by Republicans, conservatives, and evangelical Christians.


Those who approve Roe's overthrow feel hope above all else. I am happy and happy. relieved. The White Evangelicals are also particularly likely to express these positive emotions.


Those who oppose the ruling are upset, angry, and — many — I was scared. These feelings are especially common among women who do not approve decisions, compared to men who approve decisions.

Perhaps because the ruling was expected over the weeks, fewer people were surprised.


The fact that Democrats are particularly opposed to the decision has made it more critical of how Democrats are making the country's situation more general. .. Today, only 19% of Americans feel that the country is on track.


In most states, abortion is at least restricted, even if restricted. It is hoped that it is legal. And few people want to be illegal in all cases. Most Republicans want abortion in their state to be legal, at least in some situations. One-third of Democrats want to be legal, if not all, in most cases. The American view of this has been fairly stable overall over the years.


Regarding the next step, the majority support the passage of federal law across the country Legal abortion. This is about the same percentage as those who do not allow egg capsizing.


Roe's overthrow caused strong emotions, but most Americans It doesn't matter, they are more or less likely to vote in this year's midterm elections. But for those who are currently reporting changes in motivation, Democrats are more than twice as likely to vote by the Supreme Court's decision as Republicans. 

And more Democrats are motivated by this issue than before the decision. Fifty percent of Democrats report that the decision could overthrow Roe, but is more likely to vote than last month's 40 percent, which wasn't yet real.


This CBS News / YouGov survey is a nationally representative sample. It is based on. The 1,591 adults re-contacted June 24-25 after the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case were the first to take place before the June 22-24 2022 decision. Following the survey, we used a national representative sample of 2,265 adults in the United States. The margin of error for all samples in the recontact survey is ± 3.0 points.


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