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CBS News poll: half say Trump tried to stay in the office by illegal means

Anthony Salvant, Jennifer de Pinto, Fred Bucks, Kabir Kanna

Most America People continue to feel American democracy but are threatened, and the January 6 hearing provides a window to their various reasons. 

In previous hearings, half of the country believes that former President Donald Trump plans to take office through unconstitutional and illegal activities. Half believe he should now be prosecuted for a crime and the attack on the Capitol was a "rebellion."

On the other hand, most Republicans feel that Trump had no such plans, and the majority of them say that President Joe Biden did not legally win. Half of the Republicans still call the events of the day "patriotism." This is the view that has been floating around the same mark since that day. 


The hearing has not changed the way people describe the events of the day compared to the method immediately after or a year later. This may be due in part to the fixed partisanship, with a lot of attention (relatedly), including the big partisan differences that everyone follows. Not at all. Most Democrats pay at least some attention, but most Republicans do not. 

Therefore, the Democratic Party and many independents now call the event of the day a "rebellion" and are trying to overthrow the government. But I'm watching. 

However, there are disparities between Republicans, half of whom call them "freedom" or "patriotism." Republicans who say Biden didn't win are particularly likely to use these terms, which also emphasize the connection between their beliefs and their views on the attack.


So what happens next?

The impact on democracy, more generally, comes from the perspective of what should happen now. Eight out of ten Democrats and 44% of independents want to see Trump prosecuted for strengthening democracy. Three in four Republicans say that clearing Trump's cheating actually strengthens democracy. 

Confidence in the election process, another US institution, is still unsuccessful in the current situation. In the testimony and debate of pressure on elections and civil servants in the wake of 2020, and in recent primaries promoting candidates who do not accept the validity of the 2020 election results, most Americans at least In the future, election officials will refuse to prove the results for political reasons.


This CBS News / YouGov survey is a nationally representative sample. Was carried out using. Between June 22nd and 24th, 2022, 2,265 US adult residents were interviewed. The sample is weighted based on gender, age, race, and education, based on the US Census US Community Survey and current census, and the 2020 Presidential Vote. The margin of error is ± 2.6 points. 

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Anthony Salvanto
Anthony Salvanto

Anthony Salvanto, Ph .. D. is the Director of Elections and Research at CBS News. He oversees all race-wide votes across the country, state, and parliament, and leads the CBS News Decision Desk, which estimates election night outcomes. He is the author of "Where Did You Get This Number: A Pollster's Guide to Make Sense of the World" by Simon & Schuster (a division of Viacom CBS) and is a regular on all CBS News. It is posted on. platform. His academic research and writing covers topics on polling methodologies, voting behavior, and sampling techniques.

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