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Channing Crowder uses Broncos teammates to update Russell Wilson's attack

Channing Crowder has yet to corner Russell Wilson.

On the August 2nd episode of "The Pivot Podcast," co-host andformer Dolphins linebackerCrowder announced on the April episode of the show , he called the Broncos quarterback a "square."

"Called a lame man and said he was square...they got mad at me about, I won't take it back! was It's very subjective.It's an opinion.

"I know a guy I want to be with.I grew up in Atlanta and I know someone I want to be with.With Russ He's got mousse in his hair and let it slide to the side, so he's not my type of guy.

Wilson's name is Broncos cornerback Patrick Sartane II — Crowder was also a guest on the episode, along with his father, Thirteen Sr. — but noted Wilson's leadership skills and how he was "cool and cool [collected]." Buck trolled Wilson when Satain said he would play R&B music at practice.

"I don't want to be appeased. I'm trying to fight a big motherfakar trying to hit me in the head," said Crowder.

Russell Wilson with Ciara at Broncos training camp
The Denver Post via Getty Images

On the April episode of The Pivot Podcast , Crowder Wilson's wife, Ciara, a Grammy-nominated singer, host and designer, suggested he was only staying with the quarterback for his money. In an interview with The Post on The Post, Crowder and his co-hosts Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor said the episode was largely left uncut. "Abandoned episode".

Patrick Surtain during a Sept. 12, 2021 game against the Giants.
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"Have you seen Russell's video? Is there?unlimited?!and this stupid s-t he?!I don't know why so many people were mad at my opinion that Russell Wilson was square and lame I didn't call him an alcoholic I didn't call him a deadbeat dad I didn't call him a pedophile I called him a cripple called!