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Chelsea Handler claims that school fame avoided her due to her three abortions

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Chelsea Handlerclaimed that New Jersey High School would not put her in her fame hall because it is open about her abortion.

When a 47-year-old comedian attended New Jersey High School during a guest-hosted monologue at "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" On Monday, sheshe had three abortions {13. } I shared that there was. Since Kimmel is on vacation, the handler is hosting all week long.

"Do you know what a man on the internet was saying about it?" She asked in her monologue on her Tuesday about her statement the day before. "It's not because I don't give f-k," she said to the audience.

"But my old high school does," continued the handler. "Recently, I learned that my high school in New Jersey, Livingston High School, has refused to be inducted into the alumni hall. Figure Declares "Gans have more rights than women"

"Jason Alexander and Chris Christie did it, but I didn't "She said. Apparently, the school is angry at how much I'm talking about my miscarriage, so I decided to start a grassroots campaign.

"You need to donate, march, and vote for your planned parent-child relationship, but when you're done, go online and tweet your message to your school district at @LivSchools. . "Continued. "Tell us what you think of this serious fraud and use the hashtag # Hall4Handler.

Chelsea Handler during a "Tonight Show" interview on October 11, 2021.

Chelsea handler during an interview with "Tonight's Show" on October 11, 2021.(Sean Gallagher / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, File)

"Enjoy." Be proud of me, "she concludes. I attached it. Throughout the United States, she upheld the Mississippi Act on Friday, banning procedures after 15 weeks of gestation, leaving the issue to each of the 50 states.

However, the district rejected the handler's claim. Statement to the post on Wednesday night.

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"Current Livingston Public School" On behalf of the management team, Handler was not denied entry into the LEF Hall of Fame, "said Michel Bent, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator at Livingston Public School.

"In February / March 2022 after exchanging emails, the district cooperated with the Livingston Education Foundation (LEF) on how her representatives and the district praised the handler and extended conversations with her. I told my representative that the next time a candidate is considered, it will be considered by the LEF. "

Chelsea Handler at the Pasadena Convention Center in California, in July 2017.

July 2017, Chelsea Handler at the Pasadena Convention Center in California.(REUTERS / Andrew Cullen, file)

"It's been a few years since LEF nominated and introduced a new individual to the Livingston High School Hall of Fame. "Bent continued. "LEF has stated that it is looking forward to the immediate resurrection of the Hall of Fame event. At that point, new LHS graduates can be officially nominated and introduced."

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But On Tuesday, fans immediately followed the handler's instructions, tweeting in theschool district.

"Let's induct Chelsea Handler into the Hall of Fame. She actively talks to women about abortion, disseminates her information and laughs. What's wrong?" Written by one user rice field.

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"Celebrating Chris Christie instead of Chelsea Handler is the president trying to suffocate a secret service agent and steer. The wheel of a car that is as insane as that of another person claimed.

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"Hey @LivSchools You live Participating in the century and paying homage to the Chelsea Handler. "