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Chaney says the January 6th Commission may make multiple criminal referrals, including Trump.

"We will make a decision on it as a committee," a Wyoming Republican told ABC News when asked about the possibility of prosecuting Trump. It was possible to talk and introduce Trump.

"The Justice Department does not have to wait for the Commission to make criminal referrals, and there can be multiple criminal referrals," Mr. Chaney said.

Investigating January 6, 2021The panel found that the attack on the US Capitolwas widely agreed by members when Trump committed a crime. It was split due to the issue of criminal referrals. He pushed forward with a plot about the 2020 elections. Mr Chaney said the commission is likely to take a position on whether Trump should be prosecuted.

"The Commission may have an opinion on it," she said. "Thinking it from the next point of view, knowing that the mob is armed, he sent the mob to attack the Capitol and sent the mob when his own Vice President was under threat. What kind of person is more instigating? "

" It's very chilling and keeps presenting what we find to the American people. I'm sure, "she continued.

Chainy's remarks take place a few days after the explosive testimony from a former White House aideCassidy Hutchinsonfrom secret service details to the Capitol. I remember being informed about Trump's anger when the protesters were informed that he could not accompany him. January 6th.

Since then, Hutchinson's oath testimony has been questioned by some Trump allies rather than speaking under an oath.

However, the two secret service sourcessaid that thestory was widespread about the case, including the same details that Hutchinson explained to the Commission on January 6th. Told to. The secret service said the agents involved in the described case, some of which had already been interviewed by the panel, will be available to testify again under the oath.

"The Commission does not intend to monitor her personality assassinated by anonymous sources or men who claim executive privilege," Mr. Chaney said. "We are very much looking forward to additional testimony under the oath on all issues."

Chainy will not be able to go to the Capitol on January 6th to the Commission. He said there was evidence to support Trump's anger.

"The Commission has important evidence on all issues, including: The President's wrath." "In the coming days and weeks, we'll see additional details about the president's activities and actions for the day."

Her role in leading Trump's accusations and the investigation into the January 6 riots. After experiencing a serious counterattack from fellow Republicans, Chainy argued that the lawsuit was not intended to politically disqualify Trump. She runs for president again.

Instead, the Americans said that day, even if she admitted that there wasn't a "single thing" she learned to reduce concern about Trump's return. To the White House, who said it was intended to be sure to explain what happened to the White House.

"A dangerous man like Donald Trump can never be near the Oval Office again," she said.

CNN previously reportedTrump is worried when he needs to announce the presidential election in 2024, to be exact. Images after a series of harmful exposures by the Commission on January 6th.

Faced uphill for reelection in Wyoming, Republican said that if Trump was elected GOP presidential candidate in 2024, the Republicans wouldn't survive.

She refused, but to rule out her own presidential bid, she said her focus is now elsewhere.

"I haven't made a decision about it yet, and I'm obviously very focused on my reelection, I'm very focused on the January 6th committee I'm very focused on my obligations to do the work I have now, "she said. "And I make a decision about 24 years."