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Cheney says Jan. 6 commission still wants to hear directly from Pence

Washington (CNN) Rep. Liz Cheney, Vice-Chair of the House Selects Committee on January 6, said: He told ABC: On Friday, the panel hopes to hear directly from former Vice President Mike Pence.

"You see, he played a key role in his January 6th. If he had bowed to Trump's pressure on Donald, he would have been in a much worse constitutional crisis." said the Wyoming Republican. “And I think he clearly has concerns about executive privilege, as he has expressed. I respect that very much.

Earlier this week, Pence said he would give "due consideration" to formal invitations to testify before the Commission. But he also said there would be serious constitutional issues about sitting on the committee, and a person with knowledge of Pence's thinking warned CNN not to read too much into his remarks. 15}

Cheney acknowledged concerns about executive privilege raised by Pence, but said, "When the country goes through something this serious, anyone with information has a duty to move forward. I hope that the

The former Vice President believes much of the information relevant to the January 6 experience has already been provided to the Commission. A source previously told CNN.

In a speech at the New Hampshire State Institute of Political Science on Wednesday, Pence said: "It's a unique role I've held as vice president." It is unprecedented in history for a Vice President to be subpoenaed to testify before the Capitol. But as I said, I don't want to prejudge.

Pence said it was "unprecedented" for the Vice President to be asked to testify before the Capitol, but the President and Vice President have testified before Congress in the past.


Cheney said he had not seen Pence's comments earlier this week, but that it "looks pretty similar to what his lawyers were saying." She said the committee and Pence's attorneys are having ongoing discussions. This is not the first time members of the committee have said they are in discussions with Pence's legal team. He said: It's past, but we're working on it.

"At this point, at the hearings we had, I think we did a good job talking about what happened," Thompson said in an interview in June.

In July, CNN reported that a lively conversation on the committee was discussing whether to ask Pence, and even Trump himself, to testify.
And as early as JanuaryThompson said he wanted to hear directly from Pence. rice field. "I don't want to announce it this morning, so let's just leave it at that," she said.

But when asked again if there was still a chance, Cheney told her ABC: I think his interactions with our committee are under oath, as I said at the first or second hearing.