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Chaney spurs with Republican challengers in the 2020 elections, in the first debate on January 6th.

Cheney orders Republicans to make choices

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney shares something in common with the four challengers Wyoming's only parliament on issues such as voting against the bipartisan infrastructure bills it could find, supporting the U.S. energy system, and rebuking the Biden administration in the first debate Thursday night. Seats. 

ButOn topics such as the January 6 Commission's findingsand the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, she Noticed that he himself was an outlier. And Chainy's belief that the 2020 elections weren't stolen could cost her seat.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney speaks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Congressman Liz Cheney will speak at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.Hans Gut Knecht / MediaNews Group / Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Through discussion, Chaney, Vice Chairman of the Selection Committee on January 6th Cited recent findings from the Commission's hearing and testimony from the former, President Donald Trump's family and officials said, "There wasn't enough fraud to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections." Stated. She added that it was a "tragedy" that Trump and other Republicans mistakenly claimed it was stolen. 

"If you accept Donald Trump's lies, tell the Wyoming people that they aren't true right away. You will notice. The structure, foundation and framework of the constitutional republic. "

The day after Chainy said in her speech at the Reagan Library in California, Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 election results showed him to be a "domestic threat." , A debate arose. Harriet Hagueman, who played against Chainy and was approved by Trump, responded to this statement on Thursday night.

"The threat to our republic actually comes from other sources," she said, with "two different systems of justice," one for Democrats. "I will not take responsibility for their decision," he insisted.

"Still, there are conservatives or Republicans who have been punished for expressing their rights to the First Amendment," she said.

Chaney, who is chasing Hageman by nearly 30% in several internal polls conducted by Trump and Hageman's allies, began discussions by continuing to attack Hageman. 

She requested Hageman that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen. She also quotes testimony from former Trump campaign managerBillsteppingto the Commission on January 6, and Trump has no basis to declare victory on election night. Said. Stepien is currently an advisor to Hageman's campaign. 

"I don't think she wasn't stolen because she's completely watched over by Donald Trump," Chainy said, referring to Hageman.

In response, Hageman deviated from addressing Chainy's question directly, stating that the January 6 attack was "obsessed with the media and certain people." She added that she had heard very little about it and the House Select Commission from voters in Wyoming. And when she does, voters say, "How unfair this whole committee is." 

"They focus on what happened 18 months ago, but not on issues that are important to the Wyoming people," she said. "And they are also ignoring the corruption that has completely destroyed Washington, D.C. and, as a result, is destroying the rest of the country."

Hageman later said Cheney on January 6th. He accused him of being too focused on the day's committee and ignoring Wyoming voters.

Other candidates (State Senator Anthony Bouchard, businessman Robin Belinsky, veteran Dentonnap) also criticized the January 6 committee, claiming widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. Did.

"We, the people, have suffocated. The rights of the First Amendment have been washed away from the door. It is a waste of time and resources," Bellinsky said of the Commission. 

Bushar called it "many pastimes" and "kangaroo courts" and repeated the words Trump used.

Candidates also disagreed with Chainy on whether bipartisanism should still be a parliamentary goal. 

Chainy said, "There is toxicity and vitriol that completely tears our country ... we need to elect leaders who simply don't say what people want to hear." rice field.

Mr. Bushar said he was elected to the State Senate by hardline Republicans and represents them.

Hageman said that when people talk about the bipartisan parliament, they are actually wondering when the Republicans will enter the cave. 

"I don't see any bipartisanism," she said. "On the Democratic side, what I'm seeing is a very devastating agenda step forward for the country."

According to AdImpact data, Cheney has advertised more than $ 1.2 million so far. Hageman and its affiliates are spending a total of $ 775,445. Meanwhile, Trump's Save America PAC began spending on advertising in mid-May. 

According to Wyoming PBS, the debate was not open to the public due to security concerns and threats to kill one of the candidates. 

The Wyoming primary is August 16th.

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