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A five-month-old Chicago girl was shot in the head and died: "shame"

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A five-month-old girldied in Chicagoafter being shot in her head while she was sitting in a car on Friday. 

Chicago Police Department said the deadly shooting took place around 6:45 pm. At 7700 blocks on the South Shore, when a female baby was sitting in a car. 

A second unknown vehicle approached and the crew fired from inside, police said. 

The baby girl has been beaten on her head and taken to the Kammer Children's Hospital since she was identified as Cecilia Thomas. She was initially described as in danger, but she later shedied of an injury

FOX News Analyst Giano Codewell recalls his brother, 18 years old, who shot a deadly ammunition in Chicago. According to police, the second victim, a 41-year-old man, was traveling in another vehicle, carrying a gunshot wound in the area of ​​his eyes and self-transporting to the University of Chicago Medical Center. 

The cordoned off crime scene where bullets entered a car, striking a 5-month-old baby inside. 

Blockade crime with bullets I attacked a 5-month-old baby in a car on site.  (WBBM)

He was initially reported in good condition. 

Police said Friday night that no criminals were in custody, andlocal detectives are investigating.

Community activist Andrew Holmes told FOX 32 Chicago that the suspect's car was probably a red Chrysler and the shooter was probably an unidentified woman. He said she hopes that her surveillance cameras or her witnesses with her information will help identify her further and bring her to her trial. 

 "And it must have been a female shooter. My message to her. One or someone of these cameras got her information and that Hope you know how. She looks, "he said.

Bullet holes pierce through a car where as 5-year-old female infant was struck in the head. 

Ammunition holes penetrate the car in 5 years Yes-an old grandmother's baby was beaten on her head.  (WBBM)

"You just killed this baby. This baby was a toddler, this baby does nothing to you. I didn't. "Holmes added. "We understand that the two cars may have been shooting at each other."

"We're not going to support this in this city," Holmes said. Told FOX32. They were both arrested because this is disgusting, this is shameful, and this is as low as you can get. 

Another community activist running for the mayor of Chicago, Jamal Green, said she paid $ 5,000 for information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of five people. Said that it is offering. -Moon-aged death. 

Chicago police presence at the scene where a 5-month-old was shot while inside a car.  

Chicago Police Department Existence 5 in the car Months were shot dead.   (WBBM)

"A five-month-old girl has just been shot in the head in Chicago. } Her family, "he said in a statement. "I'm now offering a $ 5,000 reward to someone who came out earlier to give an answer that could lead to the conviction of arrest&! $ 2,500 convicted when arrested. It's $ 2,500 when you receive it. It's time to reach the root of this violence. Let's build a better city for our children. " 

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This will be owned by more than 12 people this weekend, I was shot in Chicago. Early Friday morning, Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell's 18-year-old brother S. He was shot dead in 11400 blocks of Vincennes. Chicago police said Sunday that arrests had not yet taken place in connection with the shooting that injured the other two. 

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