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Chicago city council members are involved in a race for high-ranking officials as a crime surge: "clowns"

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When members of the Chicago City Counciltry to run for high-ranking officials, they are struggling to get help in the wave of crime that has plagued the city in recent years.

The ward is "one fiftieth of the city. Then, if you're really, really, really lucky, only about 40% of the bases hate your guts," said former Aldo. Joe Moore told the Chicago Tribune in connection with the defeat of five of the six city council members who sought a higher office at the Primary last week. Ward added that many of the Wards may approve individual city councilors, but perceptions around the city are that city councilors are generally "clowns, incompetent and corrupt." It is against the perception that

members try to expand their bases outside the individual wards, especially whenviolent crimesare on the rise with the city council in Chicago. It can be difficult. I can't seem to stop the bloodshed.

Ald. Gilbert Vijegas, who represents the city's 36th district, tried to jump from city council to US parliament in this year's midterm elections, but lost 40 points to Delia Ramirez in the primary.

After being shot by a convicted criminal, a Chicago police officer in a serious situation said

Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago, Illinois. (iStock)

Many of Villegas' colleagues faced a fate similar to Ald. Pat Dowell lost 9 points in the Democratic primary and took over the seats of Congressman Bobby Rushand retired D-Ill. Aldo. David Moore came in third in the Illinois Secretary of State's Democratic primary, and Aldo came in third. Howard Brookins lost a bid for a seat in the Cook County Circuit Court . Aldo. Chris Tagliaferro also lost his bid for the judiciary and finished second in the two-man race on the 11th subcircuit.

Aldo. George Cardenas, who represents the city's 12th district, was the only member seeking a high-ranking official to secure a seat in the Cook County Council and win his race.

The five defeated members blamed many factors for the defeat, including external funding from huge funders and the lack of turnout of moderate voters. Others have blamed the recent decision of theUS Supreme Courtto overturn theLaw. v. The desire to elect a female candidate between Wadeand voters.

"It's hard to beat a woman in Cook County in a judicial race, especially if you have only one person in the race and two men," Bourkins said.

FOX News Analyst Gianno Caldwell recalls his 18-year-old brother, who was shot deadly in Chicago.

A Chicago Police officer monitors the scene after a shooting in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago police officers after a shooting in Chicago, Illinois , Monitoring the site. (Kamil Krzacznski / AFP via Getty Images)

However, critics blow up the city with the "crime-vulnerable" attitude that caused the violence. Did. Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell called on the leaders to "unlock the police handcuffs".

"The violence created in Chicago, and some of the systematic policies (soft policies against crimes seen in the city), must be ended." Last month. Caldwell, whose 18-year-old brother was killed in a shooting in the city, said at the time.

"We have to remove the police handcuffs and let them do the work because they are afraid to do the work," Caldwell continued. 

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But violence According to Chicago Police Department data, violent crimes in Chicago have so far increased by 34% compared to the same period in 2022, showing signs of a slowdown in the city. Is not ...

"We understand that we can do criminal justice reforms and police reforms, but at this point criminals are not afraid of the police, they are afraid of the prosecutor. You have to balance because you haven't. What do you do next because you don't surrender to the law? "Coldwell said.