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Chicago Police Department is trying to recruit Marines in the face of a shortage of officers

Chicago Police Department is recruiting Marines due to lack of officers

Almost 50 new police officers have recently joined the Chicago Police Department, but still less than 1,300 are what they say they need. 

"In reality, we need to close the gap quickly," Chicago Police Department Deputy Chief Migdalia Brunes told CBS News. 

So Chicago is looking for a former Marine to help fill the void. 

Brunes has six officers on a trip to Camp Pendleton near San Diego, where about 9,000 Marines become citizens each year. Brought in (all former Marines) to support the recruitment process. But it's not always an easy sale. Brunes said one of the biggest challenges in hiring a new executive is "the negativeness that surrounds it." 

Since the post-national calculations of George Floyd in 2020, police stations across the country have struggled to retain police officers. According to arecent survey of 172 police stations, resignations have increased by more than 40% since 2019, and layoffs have increased by almost 25% over the same period. 

The Marines may appear to be highly trained, fit and trained, but battlefield skills are in the city. Some people are worried that it may not be suitable for the street. 

"First of all, is the law enforcement process too radical?" Brunes asks. "No, we are not. They are as individuals as we are. The process eliminates people with problems." 

Identity Investigations, drug tests, and written tests were immediately conducted on-site by the 19 Marines who applied. The process, which normally took months, has now been reduced to three weeks. 

Cpls. Christopher Rivera and Jeremiah Harrington were among the people who signed up. Rivera didn't hesitate, she said. 

"Especially joining the Marine Corps is knowing what you signed up for," Rivera told CBS News. 

"I just want to lower crime rates and serve a great community," Harrington said.

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