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Judge John Roberts lost the decisive case of the Supreme Court and his generation

(CNN)Supreme Court JudgeJohn Robertshas long piloted the Supreme Court of the United States, religion, people Seeds, voting rightsand campaign finance restrictions. But in the basic right of abortion and the decisive case of his generation, Roberts was lacking. The

FridayDobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organizationcase, which has overturned the precedent for nearly half a century, will be a significant event in the history of law and learning. This is paired with the landmark of the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, which declared the constitutional right to end pregnancy, similar to the 1954Brown vs. Board of Education. He started the separation of schools and has long been detained in the Plessy v. Ferguson case. This is a 1896 decision to allow black and white people separate but equal accommodation.

Still, where Brown secured his rights, of course, Dobbs eliminated them.

Expressing sadness to conservatives and American women who disbanded their constitutional guarantees,further erosion of privacy.

The 67-year-old judge, who is about to finish his 17th session, confessed that he was rarely confident.

"Both court and dissenting opinions show relentless freedom from suspicion of legal issues that I cannot share," he wrote. Mentioning the controversial Mississippi law at the heart of the Dobbs case, he said, "For example, I don't know if a ban on abortion should be treated under the Constitution in the same way as a subsequent ban. Hmm. 15 weeks. "

Roberts, who had been clamoring for conservative results regarding race and religion, gradually tried to move here. He upheld the disputed Mississippi law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of gestation, but sought to divide the difference in order to postpone the confrontation with Roe.

"I will take a more cautious path," he wrote, encouraging judicial restraint (in vain) and "if you don't need to make more decisions to handle the case, it's more. You have to make no decision. "

Still, the reversal of Law represents a serious defeat for Roberts, a peculiar and astounding moment for the country, but the chief goes down. Yes, but not out. Republican President George W. Bush's 2005 appointee still generally lives on the winner side of this ideologically biased bench.

Just one day before Dobbs, Roberts was part of a majority ofbreaking the New York State Handgun Actand significantly expanding the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. Earlier last week, he wrote a 6-3 opinion calling for the inclusion of religious educationin states that subsidize private schools, further breaking the separation between church and state.

Roberts opposes racial bailouts, considers them outdated and unconstitutional, and 2013 Shelby County vs. Holders as a result of reducing voter protection, especially in the South and other historic places. I wrote the decision. Discrimination in polls.

Still, Friday's Dobbs decision is monumental, even if Judge Samuel Alito and JudgesClarence Thomas, who made Dobbs' decision, preceded the right to abortion. , Will set the boundaries of the times of the Roberts Court. 45}, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett.

These last three judges were appointed by former President Donald Trump, and their pure existence was originally limited to the validity of the 15-week ban, Mississippi. Encouraged the state authorities to seek broader decisions.

Three liberals who were completely opposed said that the relatively new5 block of justicesecured by the addition of Barrett in 2020 was at the speed of reversing Roe. ..

In doing so, they wrote, "This court betrays its guiding principles." They said they felt sad about the court itself, more than "for the millions of American women who lost their basic constitutional protection today."

The right wing was tired of waiting for "another day"

Last year, Roberts' fate on the losing side of Dobbs was that he Five conservatives who ruled the Mississippi conflict, foreseen at the same enthusiastic opposition, allowed Texas to ban abortion, known as S.B.8, for six weeks.

"The clear purpose and actual effect of SB8 was to invalidate the court's ruling, including the Roe v. Wade case." Wade and Roberts wrote in December last year that they approved a Texas ban that first allowed five judges to enter into force on September 1. The right to abortion was defeated by five people who wanted to go even faster.

Inheritance of Barrett, a late liberal judgeRuth Bader Ginsburg, certainly weakened Roberts' bargaining power. Her appointment changed what was a 5-4 conservative liberal court into a 6-3 bench. There, Roberts no longer has a definitive fifth vote on either wing. You don't need a chief, as shown on the far right in Dobbs.

Roberts proposed a limited resolution in oral arguments last December, but he apparently had no real momentum against anti-low five. In a statement released Friday, "Rho was terribly wrong from the beginning. The reasoning was very weak and the decision had detrimental consequences," a sign that the people who joined Arito were shaking. There was no.

Occasionally compromising and joining Roberts, Kavanaugh sticks to a series of arguments he has tried in oral arguments and puts the court in a "neutral position" on the abortion dilemma when he reverses Law.

Roberts refused to address the claim in his favor, but Judges Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan ruled out the right to abortion. Wrote, "I'm not in a neutral position."

Roe and the 1992 incident that reaffirmed it widely,Planned Parenthood v. Caseyprevented the state from blocking a woman's right to end her pregnancy before the fetus survived. You can live outside the womb. Survival occurs in about 23 weeks.

Roberts aimed to "leave another day whether or not to deny the right to abortion altogether."

Arito denied that possibility, saying, "'Another day' will not be long. In some states, we have set a deadline for getting a shorter abortion than Mississippi. I have. "

He said Roberts' quest for the middle road would postpone the day when we were forced to confront the problem we had just decided. The turmoil caused by Law and Casey would be prolonged. It's far. " It is better for this court and the country to tackle the real problem without further delay. "