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Chris Cuomo returns to Instagram to share photos from his visit to the Ukrainian War Zone

It seems that shameful former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is reporting again.

He paused for seven months from Instagram after the network fired him.

But earlier this week, Cuomo posted photos and videos of the war in Ukraine to his Instagram account. The Cuomo representative did not comment on the project and did not tell him if he worked for a news agency. According to his background, he is a "free agent".

"In Ukraine. I will never forget. Russians are clearly targeting civilians" Kuomo wrote in some miserable photo and video dumps. ..

Cuomo also "just now reported a massive deadlybombing at a shopping mallin a random area of ​​Central Ukraine, perhaps among hundreds.

This is Cuomo's first post to the social media appsince CNN fired for violating journalism standards in December. Prior to his expulsion, Cuomo posted a video of him being fooled in the hall of CNN before heading on vacation in November.

However, his current post isand it's okay to trick.

He posted a photo of "Kiev struck on Sunday," pointing out that "if the city hadn't been emptied to some extent, many would have died."

Ukraine War

"Kindergarten hit. Fortunately, there is no school on Sunday. "He added. The

post also included a photo of "the same building that the journalist hit a few months ago while in the dead."

Cuomo is suing CNN for $ 125 million allegedly dismissed him. Meanwhile, he teased "to find out more about how bad it is [in Ukraine]" and signed off with a hashtag of the catchphrase from the CNN show: "Chase it."