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The New York Times essay argues that Christianity promotes a gun culture that enables a "mass shooting epidemic."

New York Times essayist links Christianity to mass shootings.

The New York Times essayist is Christ Shooting that links teaching and mass shootings. (Doing Song Yun via Getty Images)

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A New York Times guest essay argued that American gun culture was becoming more and more enthusiastic because of its connection to Christianity. Christianity also argued that mass shootings were more possible. 

Religious writer Peter Manseau wrote in an article on Thursday: "But not only do many of our fellow citizens own guns, butthey believe in. The story is about the power of guns, their need, and their correctness. He said. "

Manso theorized that this happened at the intersection of American Christianity and Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. He opened an opinion piece with the question, "Is our gun problem a divine problem?"

The author wrote in a story provided by many supporters of the Religious Amendment Article 2 that the issue of mass shootings in the United States was "not a gun, but a godless heart." I tried to make a hole. 

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New York Times opinion piece claimed that guns like the AR-15 carbine, are given almost religious significance by Christian Second Amendment supporters.

The New York Times Opinion Piece is the AR-15 Carbine Gun. Proponents of the Amended Article 2 claimed that guns such as were given almost religious significance by Christians.

But Manso says that if "declining religion" is "part of the responsibility", why so many gun manufacturers and gun rights advocates are Christians. I asked if it was. "The Georgia company Daniel Defense, whose gun allowed themassacre at Rob Elementary School, clearly expresses its corporate identity in religious terms," ​​he said. wrote. He mentioned how the company often advertises in passages of the Bible.

"The weapon was found at the scene of two mass shootings in Yuvalde and Las Vegas, killing a total of 81 people," he wrote. Gun maker. "Evangelicals have a higher share of gun ownership than other religious groups. Nationally, they occupy a significant share of supply as well as demand," he added.

Therefore, Manso declared, "For many American Christians, Jesus, the gun, and the Constitution are sewn together in a way that is as durable as Kevlar's vest." 

Manso takes a "step" beyond the "natural rights" debate about gun ownership by mixing this Christian withAmendment Article 2. , Claimed that self-defense is a law. Of nature needed to protect life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Now, God is "actively interested in the availability of assault rifles."

NY Times guest essay speaks to Christianity's influence on American gun culture.

The NY Times guest essay on American guns A culture that talks about the influence of Christianity. (iStock)

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Its psychology makes it so that for many people "selling weapons is at the same time a patriotic and religious act." And that makes limiting such weapons a more difficult task. Manso said, "Proposing restrictions on the types of guns you can buy, or how, when, where, and why you can carry them, suggests restrictions on who they are and what they worship. It's similar to. "

Next, the author uses the metaphor of "a good man with a gun" as "the religious vision of a world where good and evil are in war and God and firepower make all the difference." I called it.

Manso said, "The impact of evangelicalism on the sale, use and sale of firearms in the United States does not mean that Christianity has been negligent in recent mass shootings." I have stated that elsewhere, "Christian ideasmay have contributed to the gun culture that stopped the mass shooting epidemic by helping to maintain the armament of the country.

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"On gun violence The religious background of our seemingly eternal problem-its history, theology and mythology-is of non-negligible importance, "he added. 

A banner hangs at a memorial outside Robb Elementary School on Friday, June 3.

The banner is a monument outside Rob A hanging elementary school on Friday, June 3rd.(AP / Eric Gay)