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Crystal Kaiser Case: Sex Trafficking Can Be Used To Defend Murder, Wisconsin State Court Says

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Chrystul Kizer, a victim of sexual trafficking,, at the age of 17, defended her decision to shoot and kill Randall Volar, a victim of trafficking. Take advantage of trafficking experience. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday.

Wisconsin authorities have charged Kaiser, now 22 years old, with a single murder, driving a car without the consent of the owner, arson, possession of a felony firearm, 2018 Bail Leap since the Year According to a court ruling 4-3, she fatally shot Volar, who was 34 at the time of his death. 

"In Wisconsin, victims of trafficking or child trafficking have" a positive defense against any crime committed as a direct result "of trafficking." Judge Rebecca Frank Daletto wrote in a majority opinion. The court focused on two questions: what it means to be "violated as a direct result" of trafficking and whether state law is "a complete defense against first-class intentional murder."

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"We are a crime Is considered to have been directly committed. " We believe that the Wisconsin Trafficking Act is a complete defense against first-class intentional murder, "Darrett wrote. 

Volar is said to have been repeatedly sexually abused since he was 16 years old or younger in exchange for money after finding Kizer on a sex trafficking website. According to court documents, Volar also sold her to buyers and filmed some of her sexual encounters with Kizer and other minors.

In June 2018, she moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Kenosha's house in Voller, where she shot him and set fire to her house before driving in her car. .. "She was upset and she was tired of touching her," Kaiser told the detective.

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"Chrystul Kizer deserves the opportunity to present her defense, and today's decision will allow her to do that," Kizer's lawyer Katie York said. I told the Associated Press. "Although legal proceedings on this issue are not yet complete, we, along with Chrystul and his family, today's decision is a law provided by Wisconsin law to victims of sex trafficking facing criminal liability. I believe that I will confirm my rights. "

Unlike other crimes, Dullett continues: What happens immediately after a trafficking crime can be a direct result of the trafficking crime, as long as there is still the necessary logical relationship between the crime and the trafficking.

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Wisconsin CourtHowever, Kaiser's decision to shoot Voller must prove to be a direct result of trafficking in court before exercising the immunity. If she can show a connection, the prosecutor must go beyond reasonable doubt and prove that the defense does not apply, the court said.

Assistant Secretary of Justice Timothy Barber said in March whether Kaiser's interpretation of the Trafficking Exemption Act created an unprecedented expansion of self-defense and whether it was rational or necessary to kill someone. Insisted on eliminating the question.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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