Cinemax Go is on the path ofQuibiandCNN +.. The Cinemax TV Everywhere platform will be officially shut down in August of this year, allowing viewers to watch Cinemax content through a TV subscription.TheStreamableReport.

Warner Bros. Discovery will be out of service on July 31st, terminating the web platform and instructing subscribers to get the Cinemax fix on demand or through a TV provider. At the time of publication, Cinemax Go offers seven series through its platform. Banshee, Hunted,Jett,The Knick,Quarry,TrackerandWarriorThis service also offers dozens of movies.

HBO Max — Also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery — Already in the Cinemax Go seriesBanshee, The Knick, JettWarrior Is equipped with. HBO Max initially didn't have the Cinemax title in its library, but thenwas expanded toin 2021 to add parts of the series.

Like Cinemax Go, HBO previously offered HBO Go and HBO Now, both of which have been integrated into one service, HBO Max, launched in May 2020.

Cinemax News is up to date Changes in Warner Bros. Discovery, which is undergoing restructuring in the merger completed in April. With the merger, HBO Max and Discovery + will jointo form one platform. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfel announced in March.