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Climate activists say New York will significantly reduce dozens of SUV tires, hitting "major cities" across the United States next

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Climate activistgrouphas launched a campaign to randomly reduce SUV tires parked across the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tire Fire Extinguisher — Thegroup, which started in the UKand expanded to different countries in Europe, made its first "action" in New York City this week. The group has vowed to carry out similar activities in cities across the country.

"We are expanding rapidly across the United States and are in contact with people in major cities across the United States," a tire fire extinguisher spokesman told FoxNews Digital. "I hope this will grow significantly."


A spokeswoman is FoxNews Digital, a group website that answers a series of other questions. They did not comment on the legality of destroying SUVs.

On Tuesday, tire fire extinguishers celebrated the "disarming" of 40 SUVs in the Upper East Side district of New York City. Participants in the action left a leaflet on each vehicle, asking the owner to "take it personally."

"We did this because driving an urban area with your huge car has a huge impact on others," the pamphlet said. 

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"The world is a climate emergency I am facing. " "Our government and politicians don't, so we're taking action on our own."

The group says that electric and hybrid vehicles also have carbon dioxide emissions. , Said to significantly reduce tires.

The pamphlet that activists with the group Tyre Extinguishers left on SUVs in New York City on Tuesday.

Pamphlet left by a tire fire extinguisher group activist Tuesday New York City SUV. (Tyre Extinguishers)

"June 28, 2022, 12:20 am, in front of 146 East 65 Street, a report on files in District 19 There is tampering by criminals. " A spokesperson for the New York Police Departmenttold FoxNews Digital by email. "The victim of a 49-year-old man states that when he returned to his car, he discovered that each of his cars had one tire deflated." 

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The spokesman said he had not been arrested. Added that the investigation is ongoing.

"Tire fire extinguishers want a huge investment in SUV bans in urban areas, pollution taxes to tax SUVs, and free comprehensive public transport," the group said. Said in a statement on Tuesday. 

"But until politicians do this, tire fire extinguishers will continue to act," the statement continued.

This group operates in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand.

Thomas Catenacci is a political writer for FoxNews Digital