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CNN and other media outlets are asking courts to release entire court records related to Mar-a-Lago search

Specifically, CNN and other media outlets filed a complaint with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, including all affidavits of probable cause filed with the court. , has asked to publish the entirety of the records filed with the court. of a search warrant.

requests were filed after the Department of Justice filed its own request with federal court to open certain warrant materials. In remarks announcing the request, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Justice Department was seeking the release of "search warrants and property receipts" from the FBI search. There are other documents prosecutors file in federal court when seeking warrants. These include an affidavit from investigators explaining why they believe the crime was likely committed and evidence of the crime was recently present. The number of days on the site that a search was requested.

Garland said on Thursday that he "does not intend to provide further details on the basis of the search at this time." The ministry also declined to comment on why it would not unseal the affidavit.

The court has directed the Justice Department to consult with Mr. Trump and inform the court by Friday afternoon whether the former president opposes releasing the documents.

16} In desealing filings by CNN and other media outlets filed with the court, they noted the "historical significance of these events."

"Not since the Nixon administration allowed the federal government to exercise the authority to seize the records of former presidents in such an official manner before the events of this week," the news agency said in a filing.

The filing stated that "the tremendous public interest in these records, in particular, outweighs the interest in keeping them private."

"Media interventionists are not seeking these records for any illegal purpose," the media said. "Conversely, public access to these records will advance public understanding of the execution of this historically significant and unprecedented search warrant at the former president's residence."

The FBI on Monday executed a search warrant for Trump's Mar Arago resort in Florida.

"The government's interest in ongoing investigations, which it can demonstrate through competent and persuasive evidence, can be met with narrow redaction before the court orders the remainder to be released, We should do it again," the outlet said.

Since Trump's raids, his supporters have demanded the Justice Department explain the raids, andsome Republicans say that the Justice Department is politically weaponized.
However, neither Mr. Trump nor his team released any documents that investigators were supposed to provide as part of the search. CNN previously reported that the search was related to a federal investigation into whether Trump improperly kept classified documents from his presidency in his home. Garland said Thursday that he "personally endorsed" the department's decision to seek a search warrant.

The press called for the opening of the warrant materials, pointing to public discussions of the search by Trump and his attorneys, including the disclosure of "information about the subject matter of the search warrant."

"Given the former president's own public debate, the seriousness of the charges against him, and the condemnation of law enforcement by his supporters, disclosure of search warrant records could not be more in the public interest." No," Filing said. "Mr Trump can hardly argue that his reputation or privacy interests are compromised by publicly reviewing what he calls a 'witch hunt'."

. Similar requests filed separately by conservative group Judicial His Watch and news media Albany Times He Union and The New York Times prompted a magistrate to order the Justice Department to respond to requests by 5 p.m. I came to ET Monday. The court said the response could be submitted confidentially, but the Justice Department must submit a redacted version to the public document.