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CNN's Jeffrey Toobin explodes "Hissy Fit" over the Supreme Court's decision on gun rights

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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin erupts over a 6-3 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the New York Rifle&Pistol Association, a former left-wing lawyer amends the Constitution It suggests that Article 2 is a second-class right.

Former Brooklyn federal prosecutor Tubin blasted conservatives, suggesting that the right to arm is not equal to the right to freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. Freedom of speech in the United States gives us the right to say almost anything under the First Amendment. Conservatives in the Supreme Court say they want to make Article 2 of the US Constitutional Amendment top notch. Like the First Amendment to the Constitution. "

CNN's Toubin urges Meltdown to decide on Scottasgan's rights


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Jarrett decides The writing by Judge Clarence Thomaswas predictable because it was consistent with past decisions such as Heller's decision 10 years ago. Second Class Rights –  And at CNN, I was surprised to see legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin throwing hiss noise as if it were a new and novel concept. It was fun. "

The liberals condemned the Supreme Court's decision in Article 2 of the Amendment


"When Jeff actually reads the judgment, he notices that Thomas' remarks are enclosed in quotation marks. Where did it come from? It was the last major Supreme Court ruling 12 years ago that Tubin didn't read or remember (Heller v. Columbia). "

He opposed Tubin's claim that conservatives wanted the use of free guns, with the majority of Judge Scalia in Heller's decision defending the individual right to possess weapons, "very much. "Clearly" stated that reasonable restrictions are legal.

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The process is acceptable, but I think it will be, "Jarrett predicted.

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