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Coaches call the Supreme Court's decision on prayer "a great decision for America."

Supreme Court ruling on religious freedom cases

Former Bremerton High School Assistant Football Coach He is excited to return to work after the Supreme Court of Joseph Kennedy ruled on Monday that his former employer violated his constitutional rights by rebuking him for praying at the soccer field. Is called. 

In a 6-3 decision on Monday, a majority of the courtsstated, the First Amendment Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Speech. He said the clause protected Kennedy's prayer time. Because he was an individual engaged in religious expression. 

Kennedy thanked CBS News on Monday for all who supported his proceedings, calling the court's decision "America's Great Decision" and finally ending it. He said he was grateful.

"Everyone with or without faith has the same rights, and that's all about the Constitution," Kennedy said. Told. "It's the right of all Americans."

When asked about a student who might have felt pressured to attend prayer, Kennedy described the intercession as "15 seconds." I called. Kennedy also said that some students who said they felt uncomfortable were given complete freedom to skip prayer and no one received special treatment to participate in prayer. 

'It's America. "It's entirely up to you whether you can participate or not," Kennedy said. "It's personal freedom, and it's great that I have freedom. I pray for the moment myself. It's my freedom to be able to do it. "

Kennedy's lawyer, CEO of the First Liberty Institute, Kelly J. Shackelford said two players were created who said they wouldn't participate in prayer. Told. Team captain. 

Former Bremerton, Washington assistant coach began praying on the field following a football game in 2008 and continued to practice until 2015. He and the Bremerton School District were protected from religious expression in practice, which often involved other players and students.

Kennedy chose not to reapply for a coaching position after being put on administrative leave for violating the district's instructions to stop praying with students, and instead sued 2016 8 School district of the month. Following the ruling of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in favor of the school district, Kennedy and his legal teampetitioned the Supreme Court. The judge, who once dismissed his case and dismissed the defeat of another Kennedy lower court, finally agreed to hear the coach's case in February. 

Kennedy told CBS News that he wanted to get his old job back, but he hasn't heard anything from the school since the ruling was announced. Kennedy, who became a coach again, said he intends to continue praying, but he doesn't know where it will take place. 

The Bremerton School District said it will continue to work to ensure a "welcome and comprehensive environment for all students, their families and staff."

"I don't want to go back and pray with the children," Kennedy said. "I just want the ability to thank God after a football game."

Melissa Quinn contributed to the report

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