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Coast Guard called to rescue BMW floating out to sea: ‘You can’t park there’

A BMW driver has been told by coastguards — somewhat amusingly — that he “can’t park there” after footage went viral of his car waterlogged and floating out to sea.

Temperatures were uncharacteristically warm in the UK last weekend, causing thousands of Brits to pack up their picnic baskets and head towards the coast.

For one driver, though, the experience was less picturesque when he was left fishing his vehicle out of the water.

UK coastguards were called out on Sunday morning after someone reported a black BMW submerged in the sea at Trevaunance Beach in southwest England.

BMW sea
Facebook/St Agnes Coastguard Sea

Surreal footage shows the car, windows down and bonnet-deep in water, as waves crashed over the top of it and swimmers paddled, seemingly unfazed, nearby.

Other clips showed the car safely back on the sand, water pouring out of its back end.

The St Agnes Coastguard Search and Rescue Team, which responded to the incident, said they were made aware of it at about 8.30am local time.

In a post to the team’s Facebook page, they said coastguards arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and made sure all occupants were out of the car.

“We remained on scene while recovery efforts were made and the vehicle was finally removed,” the team wrote.

“Team stood down and returned to station at 1019hrs.”

BMW sea
Facebook/St Agnes Coastguard Sea

The coastguards couldn’t resist making a quick joke, quipping: “You can’t park there sir!”

Unsurprisingly, commenters had little sympathy for the BMW’s owner.

Many slammed the driver for seemingly parking his car on the sand, saying he ought to front the cost of emergency services arriving to help.

“I can’t believe this happens every year! How? You should get fined if your car ends up in the sea, it’s ridiculous,” one user wrote.

“Bet the indicators won’t work now after all that sea water as well,” joked another.

A third asked: “Did someone forget to tell the tide that BMWs can park anywhere they want?”