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Coca-Cola seeks attention from new flavors spun by DJ Marshmello

Move over Cherry Coke!

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Grammy Award-winning mashup artist DJ Marshmello in a new flavor before releasing soda infused with strawberries and watermelons, the company announced this week.

Limited Edition Cola, scheduled to hit the shelves on July 12, is the latest marketing stunt for the conglomerate to attract fans of popular musicians.

"With this all-new mix, we have created a vibrant blend of your favorite flavors," said DJ Marshmello, named Chris Comstock, in a statement.

Marshmello-inspired soda has a DJ's characteristic white helmet covering her face. It comes in a slim, white 12-ounce can and has the potential to be a collector.

Marshmello has over 12 billion streams on Spotify and is the third registered artist on YouTube.

"I wanted to do something different," Marshmero toldBillboardwhile filming the campaign in Los Angeles. Crazy flavor. I [chosen] strawberry [and] watermelon just because I don't think it [comes from me]. '

A 12 oz can of the Marshmello inspired soda.
Coca-Cola Company

Comstock visited Coca-Cola's Atlanta headquarters last year to market the company. And "brain storming" with the research and development team.

"From the beginning, we wanted to make this a collaborative process that both brands could feel genuine," Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy, said in a statement. "Everyone rolled up their sleeves and it was a lot of fun ... Marshmello is known as a fan connector, so our values ​​are in line."

New flavors, others It follows the unorthodox concept of. The soft drink giant released the "space-inspired" Coca-Cola Starlight in February and theZero Sugar Bite, which is said to represent "pixel flavor" in April. did. Said.

Marshmello sitting in a Sirius studio.
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