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Universities Using DEI Requirements As 'Political Litmus Test Paper', Censoring Dissent: Education Activist

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A new initiative in American colleges and universities calls for faculty and staff compliance in the form of the signed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement. is requesting It offers conditions for tenure and promotion, but critics say the push is little more than a "political litmus test" used on college campuses to filter out dissenting voices. 12}

As more universities mandate the promotion of DEI, parents and some faculty members believe that the DEI agenda actually challenges the diversity of student perspectives and opinions within the university environment. I am against it, claiming that Critics say that requiring new or existing faculty seeking promotion to submit a statementshowing support for the DEI,could itself be viewed as discriminatory. They say it's a misguided effort.

"The problem with such a requirement is that it is too often used as a political litmus test to ensure that there are no dissenters on the campus. It's being used," Robert Sibley, executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, told The America Report in an interview with Fox News Wednesday.

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A new initiative in American universities is requiring compliance from faculty in the form of signed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statement.

New Initiative at American Universities Signed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) demands compliance from faculty and staff in the form of statements.(AP image)

I will,” he continued. “This is not anti-discrimination. It goes well beyond and actually discriminates against potential or current faculty members based on their political beliefs.

Sibley believes there is "honesty" behind the push, but making the DEI statement a mandatory requirement is a way to help students and faculty on college campuses. 

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``They could make colleges a better place, but more I think there is also cynicism... On campus, academic freedom freedom of speech is guaranteed rights are guaranteed to the people public universities 113} Under the Constitution, we rely on professors to do that," he said.

Prospective college students take a tour of the University of Chicago campus.

College students taking a tour of the University of Chicago. (AP Photo/John Elswick)

The same political principle would allow people to actually come out and If you really want a place with some people with some exclusions, this is a kind of backdoor to do it .


Disputing essential elements of the DEI agenda. Sibley added that those he spoke to supported making the statement available to academic faculty who chose to sign it of their own volition. I think the only thing they can do to help them is make sure they include everyone and [accept] that people have different views on this. They have to have a wide enough brush so that people can be different.”

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