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Connecticut husband sentenced to 65 years in Fitbit murder case

A Connecticut man was sentenced Thursday to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife in 2015. The prosecutor allegedly wore a Fitbit exercise trackerthat contained data that contradicted his statement. to the police.

Richard Dabate, 46, of Ellington, was convicted of murder and other charges by a jury in May. He has maintained his innocence and intends to appeal the sentence, his attorney, Trent Larima, said after a hearing in Rockville Superior Court.

Connie Dabate.

Connie Davate, 39, was shot dead over two days at the couple's home Before Christmas 2015, Unusual Fitbit evidence and details of Richard Dabate's relationship with a woman who was pregnant at the time of his murder and later gave birth while his two young sons were in school drew national attention . to their children.

The sentencing hearing included emotional testimony from relatives of Connie Dabate.

"It's not like Connie is coming back, but it's a little bit of an end. As a family, we can move forward." Connie Dabbate's brother, Keith Margotta, said outside court after the sentencing.

Dabbate told police that a masked man broke into his home, killed his wife and tied her up. Police found him with superficial knife wounds, with one arm and one leg zipped to a folding chair.

State Police said Dabate provided a timeline of events that conflicted with his wife's Fitbit data. This indicated that she had been moving around for about an hour from the time Dabate said she was shot. State police said there was no evidence of a fight in the house.

Prosecutor Matthew Geddanski said in closing arguments that Dabate planned to murder his wife and break into the home.

LaLima said Fitbit data I question the reliability. He also said Dabbate's version of the incident was reinforced by unknown DNA found in the house and witnesses who said they may have seen strangers and deer in the neighborhood on the day of the killing. 34}

Over 100 testified in his five-week trial.