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Consumer Report: Salmonella in 1/3 of Chicken

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Consumer reportis a recent test, with little or no progress in preventing bacterial-laden chicken from landing in US grocery stores and sickening thousands of Americans each year. I foundin. Salmonella.

According to federal health authorities, nearly 1.4 million Americans are infected with Salmonella each year, including 26,500 hospitalizations and 420 deaths, with food being the main illness. It is the cause. Also, more than 20% of Salmonella diseases result from eating contaminated poultry. This is "still a serious food safety concern in the United States," according to the USDA .

USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said last month that it is rethinking poultry's approach to Salmonella in the light of a newly published study. Studies show that 2016 standards significantly reduced salmonella in chicken, but not salmonella-related illnesses associated with poultry intake. 

According to the results of thesurvey published by the International Journal of Food, the increase in antimicrobial-resistant bacteria is one of the problems. It is a department. Released by Microbiology and FSIS last week. The agency is currently considering whether the strategy needs to be changed and said it plans to hold a hearing on this issue later this year.

Agency reviews are in the midst of new discoveries about poultry from consumer reports.

Non-profit consumer surveillance groups show no difference between organic and traditional domestic birds, with certain brands being superior or inferior to other birds. There wasn't.

"Salmonella in ground chicken is more common than it should be," said James Rogers, Head of Food Safety Research and Testing at CR,. "This is not an isolated or contained problem."

Most people who get sick with Salmonella have diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. 

The Consumer Report advises putting raw meat in a disposable bag separately from other foods to reduce the risk of contamination and avoid rinsing raw meat. Raw meat can disperse bacteria. Chicken should be cooked up to 165 ° F. 

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