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Craig Conover: Long-distance with Peige Desorbo is "more difficult"

Craig Conover is ready for Page Desorbo to sew south with him.

The "Southern Charm" star exclusively tells on page 6 that it's becoming more difficult not to live in the same city as his "Summerhouse" girlfriend.

"As you know, long-distance relationships work for us," says 34-year-old Conover. "We're lucky because we're on the east coast. It only takes an hour to fly, but it's getting harder and harder."

With Conover, who has lived in Charleston, South Carolina since college. Desorbo, who lives in New York City, has been officially dating in a long-distance relationshipsince last fall.

"She just stayed in Italy for 10 days and it was hard," he says.

"But we're starting to see that we spend only a few days on fleas, so you know, we'll see."

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo sitting on a beach together.
caconover / Instagram

Conover's co-star and best friend Shep Rose chimes and makes fun of him. A buddy to talk about the future very early on.

"Well, every time Craig and Craig date a girl for more than two weeks, they start talking about their baby's name," said 42-year-old Rose, who likes Conover to dash, exit, and seven. Talk to us while mentioning the name.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover posing together on a red carpet.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, De Sorbo brings her beauty to life. Got it. Her box name.

"Page is like" you can give our dog that name, "" says Conover.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover posing at a black-tie event.
paige_desorbo / Instagram

Conover's ex-girlfriend and co-star Naomie OlindoAfter a short break, returned to the"Southern Charm" this year.

Olindo, 29, said she shot different scenes with DeSorbo and endorsed her original relationship.

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo posing outdoors.
naomie_olindo / Instagram

"I think they're great together," she says. increase. "I think it's really good to meet him with someone who seems to be wholly himself and comfortable, and she's completely looking at him about who he is. Seems like.

"I think it's really good. He doesn't have to pretend to be anything. He doesn't have to hide anything. They could be a really good match.

Naomie Olindo kissing Craig Conover on the cheek.
caconover / Instagram

Olindo is a reality as Conover's girlfriend in Season 3. I made my TV debut. It aired in 2016 and continued dating until thesplitin 2017. However, bothtemporarily reconnected after a break-in in Las Vegas after experiencing another farewell last summer.

Olindo teases that he needs to look at the new season to see exactly what went down when the fans "meet".

 Season 8 of "Southern Charms" will premiere on June 23rd at 9pm. Bravo's ET.