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Cristiano Ronaldo smashes autistic girl's phone to warn police

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo slammed his mobile phone out of the hand of a 14-year-old boy after his team lost 1-0 to Everton in the Premier League. Police were alerted for dropping April. According to the Daily Mail, the boy's mother said his son had autism.

On Wednesday, Merseyside Police released a statement confirming the matter was closed.

"We can confirm that a 37-year-old man voluntarily attended and was carefully interviewed in connection with the assault and criminal victimization allegations," the police statement read.

"This allegation relates to incidents after the Everton v Manchester United football game at Goodison Park on Saturday 9 April. The matter was handled by a conditional warning. The case is now closed.”

Cristiano Ronaldo exits the field after United's defeat against Everton on April 9, 2022.
Cristiano Ronaldo announced on April 9, 2022 that left the field after United lost to Everton. According to viral footage of the incident at

, the 37-year-old Ronaldo appeared to slap his hand as he rushed off the field into the tunnels at Goodison Park after United lost to Everton.

According to the Daily Mail, Sarah Kelly said her son Jacob Harding was in the crowd at Everton's first game against United in April, but Ronaldo picked up the phone. He said it was time to knock him out.

"We were right by the tunnel they went through. My son was there and he was filming them all," said Kelly from Merseyside. I was.Her son's hand was assaulted in the alleged altercation.'

"Then Ronaldo took off his socks and his leg was bleeding, so he put his phone down. He put his phone down to see what it was. — He didn't even speak.Then Ronaldo passed by in a terrible rage, smashing the phone out of his son's hands and kept walking."

"You can tell he made contact by looking at the bruises," she said. “I was crying. I was upset. Jacob was in complete shock. I didn't understand, he was really angry and completely discouraged me from going to the game again. 

``Ronaldo is a great player. Ronaldo would be there" - he's an icon. I can understand Jacob waving it in his face, but he was hurt by the floor, not near his face. was checking. He is an autistic boy who has been assaulted by a soccer player. That's what I see as a mother.

At the time, ESPN reported that witnesses Ronaldo knocked a fan's phone out of his hand and slammed it to the ground. On Instagram, heapologized for his "explosion" after the game.

Sarah Kelly's social media post about Cristiano Ronaldo at United's defeat against Everton on April 9, 2022.
Cristiano Ronaldo issues an Instagram apology after a fan incident at United's defeat against Everton on April 9, 2022.
Instagram/Cristiano Ronaldo

"It's never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments like the ones we face," said Ronaldo. "Nevertheless, we must always be respectful, patient, and set an example for all young people who love beautiful games.

"Apologies for the rant. If possible, I would like this supporter to attend the game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair play and sportsmanship.”

Early Wednesday. On Wednesday, Ronaldo said he kept notes containing "lies" from the media about his United future, amid speculation about a possible exit.