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Cruz calls on the Senate to support an alternative gun bill that "targets criminals" rather than civilians

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Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz accusesof a bipartisan gun control billcoming to vote soon, and instead considers a bill created in collaboration with Wyoming Republican Senator John Barasso. I asked the US Senate to do so. He said he was targeting criminals, not all gun owners.

To date, Democratic gun control legislation has been upheld by several top Republicans, including John Cornin of Texas, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, and Todd, thus filibusting 60 votes. Has enough GOP support to break the threshold of. Young in Indiana, Richard Bar in North Carolina, Sherry Moore Capito in West Virginia, Mitt Romney in Utah.

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who worked with Senator Joe Manchin III in West Virginia to reform the aliens, did not attend Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, but in a statement. Stated. He believes that the bill in his possession protects Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment while making "significant advances" in protecting guns from criminals. In

Fox News, Cruz said that thesafer community lawis "misplaced" and blames the Locomotive Act. He-makes citizens owned by law enforcement agencies and decides if they should be able to keep their weapons.


Republicans supporting the bipartisan gun control bill.

A Republican who supports a bipartisan gun control bill. (Fox)

"The Democraticapproach is to steal firearmsfrom law-abiding citizens and try to go. After the right of citizens to comply with the law under Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. "

He suggested that such a red flag clause may not respect the rights of Amended Article 4.

"The Locomotive Acts provide evidence of little or no legitimate process protection that provides the opportunity to disarm citizens who comply with the laws of many states at very low standards."

Barasso, R-WY.

Barasso, Wyoming. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

Instead, Cruz called on Senator to support the "Safe Kids Safe School Safe Community Act." A criminal element, not a weapon used.

"The focus is on funding prosecutors to be prosecuted by the Justice Department and sent to federal prisons for violent crimes with guns. Buy guns illegally. Then, if you are a Ferron or a fugitive, you will be prosecuted and sent to federal prison if you try to buy a gun legally. " 

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"This bill will give police officers and armed police 360 ​​in 10 years. Funding $ 100 billion School police officers. Double the number of school police officers. Fund mental health counselors $ 10 billion. Therefore, have serious mental health problems. If you have a child who is, stop him early before committing a crime.

Judging mental health in this way is far more constructive than the danger signal provisions. He said, adding that his bill "does not violate the second amendment," as the former suggested.

Charles Creitz is a reporter for FoxNews Digital.