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Curacao welcomes the new "Sandals 2.0" resort — the 16th of the brand

If your shoes fit, celebrate Suite 16 of your sandals.

Be careful, the festival isn't from the era of the all-inclusive resort chain (now in its 40s), but the ever-increasing size of litters in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Because of.

Sandals Royal Curacaohard-opened on June 24th (a little fashionably late, thanks to the supply chain). Born in Santa Barbara on the island. The estate where Hyatt once lived (later Gator).

Last weekend — DJ Menasa, Blue Man Group, sexy phonist extraordinary Nelson Braveheart, violinist CJOpus and ClariMontero — blessed with both visitors and brass I went to the Netherlands for a tropical party thrown in honor of the beach graduates of the Netherlands Antilles.

Located in the Deep South of the Caribbean, SRC is the brand's first property to open for the first time in five years as part of the "2.0" expansion.

Not everything is clickbait persistently, but let's move on and unleash the list. Here's how to try Sandals No. 16 in different ways:

Buy Numbers

Exterior of the shore the property abuts.
Sandals Royal Curacao

Sandals' latest resort Offers 351 rooms and suites in 24 categories, occupying the 44-acre waterfront of Hyatt Fu, and will not hesitate to change numbers. The lawn and all of it is within 3,000 acres of the island's famous Santa Barbara Estate, which flaunts Cedilla. If needed, the island has the largest 38,000 square feet of conference and convention space.

Bon bini to Cura-chow

The rookie's location has 11 dining operations, including one that floats on a real ship and three food trucks, and more importantly. There is a dozen bakeries in the bar. Dushi bida

Plane site

Need more digits. This is fun. Royal Curacao is just 15 miles from the airport. There is noride-sharing serviceon the island (although there are plenty of taxis), so feel free to take a half marathon from Pigeon International. By the way, the island enjoys direct flights from New York, Charlotte and Miami. Wear on

If you're a travel nerd companion, take the moon to find out that this fresh new sandal uses the award-winning "Father of Fashion" stage crafts. Stan Herman for Uni for all staff, from concierge and restaurant crews to butlers and event managers, and all staff in between. Consider lots of pocket squares, tan colors, frilled shirts, and custom "S" pins. We stun stun.

Table manners

SRC has a spa. It is called Red Lane. I have never been touched by the Dutch. Book now and thank you later.

Solar power

Sunrise is for champs. SRC is a west-facing resort, so the sunset over the yin and yang awaits you.

Mini Me

Exterior of a Mini Cooper at the resort.
Sandals Royal Curacao

You rang. Awa Seaside Butler Bungalows and Clason Island Poolside Butler Bungalows guests can use the steward as well as the private pool and BMW Mini Cooper to move around the island. German tourists. It's not everyone's tea. German engineering. Everyone's tea.

Off-site on-point

Many Caribbean resorts generally give you their property for safety (and spending) purposes, and often for good reason. Try to restrain you. There is considerable discomfort in the tropics. However, SRC recommends instead partnering with eight off-site restaurants to participate in a feast excursion as part of the "Island Inclusive" program. Book 7 nights in the Butler Suite and you'll receive a $ 250 restaurant voucher for real-world use.

Barkeep, get me a pool — and double it with a splash splash

The resort's two-deck infinity pool.
Sandals Royal Curacao

You don't need a degree in discrete mathematics to know that two infinities are>more than one. Royal Curacao's two-level infinity pool proves that, QED.

Baller Move

A dish of bitterballen.
VI-Image via Getty Images

One word (Sounds a little more): Bitterballen.

Plastic Surgery

It's a net positive. The charity division of SandalsResortsInternationalSandalsFoundationis working with the Dutch AFC Ajax team to launch Future Goals. Wasted on soccer goals for kids.

Attention Span

Exterior of pedestrians on Queen Emma Bridge.
AFP via Getty Images

You are only 7 A person is certainly a few miles from Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but there is a funky pontoon bridge that opens with a hinge when the boat needs to pass.

Three years later, the carnival is back, baby.

Unfortunately, this year's post-quarantine comeback festival is over, but it will be held anytime next year (hopefully). If you didn't come home with at least a mild concussion from a Caribbean-based carnival, you did the wrong thing. Believe this. I'm a professional


Curacao has over 5 dozen dive sitesAqua Center grounds So, take a refreshing 3-hour scuba course and head under the sea for $ 120 a day. Or raise the notch to the $ 480 / pp fully certified PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) route. Some of them can be "e-learned" before the trip.

Adult Swim

Due to a particular decision by a particular Supreme Court on our land, sandals have so far remained loyal to the important adult-only policies of Royal Curacao. It's more timely than ever.

Cheap dates

All-inclusive rates start at $ 341 per person per night. Curacao, Curacao-sale.