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Dad won over $ 500,000 after his daughter bought the Father's Day lottery

Dad gets the best gift of Father's Day when his daughter wins the $ 515,382 lottery jackpot after buying a ticket I did.

John Bartlett scooped up her life-changing amount after opening a card from her beloved kid and finding two Scratch’N Win cards.

He gave one to his wife Anne and scratched it, but rarely expected a big win.

Newfoundland, Canadafamilies said they would never forget Father's Day this year, thanks to their huge wind and rain.

John explains:

"When I opened it, I saw two tickets for the Set for Life , and after giving Anne a scratch, she didn't believe what she saw.

Ann's ticket contained three matching symbols with the word "Set for Life" that every lottery player dreamed of seeing.

She states: "I saw the three suns and the prize payment said" Set for Life. "

"I saw it at least three times before calling John to show it. We were just delighted when we saw it."

After winning the prize, they couldn't believe their luck and their daughter had a hard time believing in them.

John continued. "As for the kids, I'm a little mischievous, but I thought I finally convinced her that we won.

" Five minutes after hanging up, She called me and said, "Are you playing with me?" It's actually real and we're currently planning to use the jackpot.

Set for Life winners can choose to receive approximately £ 800 each week for 25 years or a lump sum of $ 515,382.

The family decided to take all the victories at once, pay off the invoice, and allow them to splatter in a new car.

John intends to retire with his wife and said he wants to take her to Ireland or Scotland, or "probably both." Before

, how a man from sued him after his friend cut him out of the $ 736,314 lottery win. explained.

Philip Tsotsos in Windsor, Ontario, Canada was excluded from the grand prize won by a group of 16 peers last summer.

His companions claimed he was not eligible to receive part of the prize because he had not paid the amount needed to stay in the lottery pool.

But now, the "injured" pizza deliveryman brought the matter to civil court because he insisted that he should be declared the 17th winner.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.