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Dawn Wynn: US Marshals involved in search for missing Arkansas woman accused of murdering husband in his sleep

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The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) is nowan Arkansas woman accused of murdering her husband in her sleep. Involved in her search for Wynn. She went missing after she was released on bail.

Wynn, 49, has been charged with murder and armed crimes in connection with her 2021 shooting of her husband.

"We are doing some follow-up and trying to tell everything to the Marshal who is helping us."McDonald County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Lieutenant Michael Hall told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. 

The USMS recently confirmed that he of Missouri was involved in the search for a woman reported missing by the MCSO and the Benton County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) in Arkansas. . for her arrest.

Arkansas woman accused of murdering husband missing, possibly 'armed and in danger'

Missouri prosecutors released Dawn Rene Wynn on bond after she was accused of murdering her husband, and she has since disappeared.

Missouri prosecutors ruled that Dawn, who was charged with murdering her husband, Released Renee Wynn on bail. (McDonald's Sheriff's Office)

Wynn's son-in-law, Lane Leidenstein, said 40/49 News that Wynn "I killed myself," he said. "She's going to drown herself," she said.

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It's distracting and makes everyone think she's headed there," he told the outlet. "Actually, she could be back in South Carolina where her family is." 60} Hall said the BCSO owned Wynn's suicide note and other personal effects.

Dawn Rene Lynn is accused of shooting her husband in the head while he was asleep.

Dawn Rene Lynn Gunned Her Husband accused of shooting in head while he sleeps. (Benton County Sheriff's Office)

Wynn was armed after the MCSO was released on bail earlier this week when he was charged with shooting his husband. It should be considered dangerous to have it on the back of his head while he sleeps.

Wynn was released following the 2019 Missouri Supreme Court ruling on the Missouri Bond Reform Act, officials said. It's an effort to make criminal justice fairer for those who can't afford bail.

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Winn is 5 feet 2 inches, weighs 150 and 170 pounds, and has short black hair.

Dawn Rene Lynn was last seen in the area of Jennifer Lane in Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

Dawn Rene Lynn last seen It was Jennifer's area of ​​Lane in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. (Google Maps)

According to BCSO, the last time she was seen was Jennifer in her lane at her Ridge in Pea, Arkansas.


Wynn isn't from Missouri You might be heading northeast, not Oklahoma. Benton officials say she also has ties to southwestern Missouri and South Carolina. , MCSO (417-223-4318), BCSO (479-273-5532), or your local law enforcement agency.

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