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Death sentence restored for bank robber who killed family

On Monday, a federal appeals court found him guilty of murdering his best friend, his friend's fiancée, and their family members. restored the death sentence for a bank robbery. 3 kids.

In a 32-page opinion, his panel of three members of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision releasing Ronald Jeffrey Pribble Jr.. If the state has not retried his Prible within his six months. The panel ruled that the 50-year-old's Prible had failed to raise issues compelling enough to discredit his convictions and judgment.

A Harris County jury found in 2002 that Esteban "Steve" Herrera, Herrera's fiancé Nilda Tirard, Tirard's 7-year-old daughter Rachel Elizabeth Campian, and Herrera's 7-year-old daughter Pribble is sentenced to death for murdering Valerie.

Pribble shot Herrera, then raped and shot Tirad, according to testimony at the two-week trial. Before setting her body on fire to conceal DNA evidence.The children died from smoke inhalation from the resulting fire.

Ronald Prible Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Herrera is said to be Prible's best friend and accomplice in a crime. , allegedly robbed a bank in Pribble and used the money to buy and sell drugs. Enough money to open a topless club.

But prosecutors said Pribble attacked Herrera after she accused him of stealing $250,000.

2020 In 2013, UPI reported.

defense attorneys alleging that prosecutors directed an informant to make statements against Pribble, claiming that his cellmate A Michael Beckcomb said Pribble confessed to the killing because Beckcon received "promises of redress" from investigators, the news agency reported.

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