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Debbie Gibson on her mom: 'She literally slammed her fist on the Atlantic boardroom table'

When she released her history-making debut album Out of the Blue on August 18, 1987, former teen pop prodigy Debbie Gibson became a first mom long before Kris Jenner. had a

And the now 51-year-old Long Island native will celebrate her 35th anniversary of her first LP with her three shows at Club 54 in Manhattan. . Sunday and Monday Show — She shows her love for her mother, Diane Gibson, who passed away in January. , Gibson, who now lives in Las Vegas, told The Post.  ``Listen, if it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't have had that moment. We saw these songs top the charts.”

Debbie Gibson
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In fact, 35 years after those "Out of the Blue" hits "Only in My Dreams" "Shake Your Love""Foolish Beat" The title track made Gibson a certified star at the age of 17. she is looking back Her mother was a "pioneer" who managed the most famous of her four daughters during her 25 years.

"You know, she was an executive in the music industry in a very male-dominated world," Gibson said. "And to be a mother's manager, there was a stigma attached to it. She had to know 10 times more than other men to be taken seriously.

In fact, it was Mama Gibson who insisted her daughter could write and produce the number one hit "Foolish Beat" all by herself. was. And 35 years later, she remains the youngest female artist to achieve that femme-metastick feat.

Debbie Gibson
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I was banging my fists on the table in the room, mostly men in suits sitting around laughing at the idea that I was trying to produce a 'silly beat,'" Gibson said. , she said, "Listen to the demo. Deb has a vision. She's the only one who should make this record." in, which got me into the Guinness World Records.

Gibson, before she was old enough to vote, was writing her own songs recorded in a basement studio in Brooklyn — between her pizza breaks and study sessions. And before her drinking was legalized, she proved herself on the notoriously tough New York club scene.

"My single ['Only in My Dreams'] debuted at the Palladium in New York," she said.  "I was wearing this little sequined dress,  and it got caught on the mic stand and started to fray.

Debbie Gibson
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"Wardrobe There was a valuable lesson learned before anyone could even imagine the word 'fault'. That night, Gibson learned:

Gibson, who released his 10th studio album, The Body Remembers, last year and is working on a holiday LP, is a new generation of young female pop stars. I am a big fan and supporter of She's Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Lorde and more.

"Olivia Rodrigo's album ['Sour'] is undeniable to me. In my opinion, it's on par with Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill,'" she said. "It's a very high point in music for me, like a true expression of a young girl and a talented girl. I'm very grateful that the landscape is so different from when I started." ."