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Delta pilots will picket the airport as the flight will be canceled prior to the weekend of July 4th.

Delta pilots Thursday because hundreds offlights were delayed and canceled prior to the weekend of July 4. I put up a picket outside the airports all over the country.

Off-duty pilots protested higher wages and more vacations, as the overwhelming demand for air travel could disrupt vacation plans.

Passengers faced 1,596 delays and 400 cancellations in the United States as of 1:00 pm. On Thursday, according to

Delta alone has 188 delays and 86 cancellations, ranking second among US airlines in total for cancellations and delays.

Outisde JFK Airport, Delta Pilot complains about employee shortages due to reductions in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Americans are back in the air, so thepilots are in overtime.

"We basically closed the aviation industry for a few years. When I was flying here, there weren't many passengers flying here," said Delta Pilot David.・ Adler explained. "Now suddenly I'm basically backing up the tool again, so it will take some time to move on and do that."

Picketing pilots in Atlanta, where Delta is headquartered. I was at several major airports, including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Off-duty Delta Air Lines pilots picket
AP / Rick Bowmer
Off-duty Delta Air Lines pilots
Denis A. Clark

Demonstrators in the middle of contract negotiations have higher wages, more vacations, more to offset the pain of increasing travel demand Wants personnel. The Aviation Pilot Association said in a statement.

"Thanks to our staffing, pilots are flying more and more than they are accustomed to flying," Adler said. “If pilots are rerouted and there are no additional pilots, it will be more difficult to get the airline back on time, which will affect flight delays and cancellations.”

Delta personnel We publicly acknowledge the issue of placement. In May, the airline aggressively canceled hundreds of flights scheduled between July 1st and August 7thPoint Guy reported.

Off-duty Delta Air Lines pilots
AP / Rick Bowmer

On Tuesday, the company also announced July 1st and 7th. On the 4th of July, you can rebook your trip for free on any day prior to the 8th of July.

Former airline executive Robert Mann advised the leaflets to be prepared for delays and cancellations, especially when the weather is bad or when they plan to fly late.

"On bad weather days or late hours of the day, airlines tend to be late or increase cancellations towards the end of the day, so you can get a better understanding. Yes, what are your options, whether it's another flight of the day or another flight of another airline? "He said.

John and Ruth Rodriguez's flight was cancelled.
NY Post James Messerschmitt
Delta pilots
Denis A. Clark

Mann said that Independence Day and summer vacation always present special challenges to the industry, but are planned. The number wascanceledflights were previously "unimaginable".

"The worst problem I've ever seen is when JetBlue cancels 10% of the summer schedule, literally 10%," Mann said.

"I've never seen anything so big. 1% is a big problem. Looking at the scale of airline operations, 10% is an unimaginable problem."