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Democrats abandoned the Hispanic community and focused on white liberals: Myra Flores

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Newly elected congressman Myra Flores, R-Texas, aims at the Democratic Party by abandoning Hispanics, "American Report" and her victory in South Texas It shows that it was taken for granted.

MAYRA FLORES:The Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community.They focus on white liberals. They aren't focused on the Hispanic community, they couldn't care too much. They do not represent our values. We are about faith, family, and diligence, not the Democratic Party. In South Texas, we are fighting for the conservative values ​​we have instilled. We think it's important to keep fighting for those values. You see, I'm not loyal to the party. 

GOP CONGRESS WOMAN-Elected for a historic victory: The Democratic Party won a voter in Texas'Granted'

As I say many times, my loyalty lies with God, my family, and my community, and I believe it's time to put Texas District 34 first. I have never spoken here in Washington. No one really cares what we have to say, and now people care about the Hispanic community, now people really care about the voice of Texas District 34. I am proud and humble to represent all 34 Texas districts and Hispanic communities across the country.

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