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Democrats flood radio waves with abortion ads in the week since the monumental Supreme Court's Law vs. Wade ruling

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Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan vows to "fight, never retreat" to protect legal abortion in the latest television ads running in his hometown of New Hampshire.

Hassan was the first Democratic Senator from a major battlefield state facing a challenging reelection in mid-November, and last week'sSupreme Court maintenance. In response to the monumental movement of the abortion by the majority, we have put up an abortion commercial. A groundbreaking half-century Roe v. Wade decision. 

"This decision has turned us back and politicians like Mitch McConnell have made it clear that their purpose is to ban abortion nationwide." Hassan is accusing her of advertising. "We will not be threatened. I will fight and never retreat. I am Maggie Hassan. Protecting our personal freedom is not only right for New Hampshire, but it makes us New Hampshire. I approve of this message, as it also makes it possible. ”

Hassan ad is running this year from Democratic incumbents and candidates, as well as party committees and external groups, this week {18. } One of the many spots to start running in the Senate, House and Governor races.

Democratic and republican strategy is strongly influenced by the Supreme Court's decision on abortion in the abortion elections

Hassan also said that Hassan "Women's Personality" in the political sector of the Emily's List, a group working to select female Democratic candidates who support abortion. He promoted federal law to protect his right to make decisions. " ""

New Hampshire's Senate primary doesn't last until early September, so Hassan doesn't know which Republican challenger to face in November. However, she has been targeted by the Republicans, who consider her vulnerable because she wants a second term.

But in states where Republican candidates have already been decided, Democrats are aiming.

Launched this week in theKey Swing State, Pennsylvania, the commercialfeatures Mehmet Oz, a celebrity doctor and cardiac surgeon known as Dr. Oz, who was nominated for the GOP Senate last month. I am targeting. Open seat race. 

Politics: The majority of Americans who oppose the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case

"I am a professional life. I was very clear in my position. "

Spot narrator accuses Oz of "want to criminalize abortion in Pennsylvania."

Another planned parent-child relationship political sector broadcasts on the battlefield in Wisconsin to target Republican Senator Ron Johnson on this issue. I got on the wave. Democrats see Johnson as the most vulnerable Republican senator running for reelection this year.

The political sector of Emily's List highlights the opposition to abortion in Nevada, former Republican Senator candidate Adam Laxal.

And Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray launched a commercial using a clip from Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley, saying, "I'm 100% anti-abortion." ..

Democrats have also jumped into the air this week to place abortion ads in house races and the battle of the governor. In Illinois, J.B. Governor Pritzker uses a clip of Republican candidate and state senator Darren BaileyOpposition to abortion

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According to AdImpact, a national ad tracking company, $ 4 million has been spent running abortion commercials as of Thursday since the Supreme Court ruling last Friday. It is said that it was done. 

The Democratic Party faces historic headwinds in a very difficult political situation supported by soaring gas prices, so the party is a very thin House of Representatives and Senate. Defending the faction Aims to spotlight the issue between now and November, rising inflation and President Biden's underwater approval rating. 

Party strategists see silver backing to bring the issue of Roe v. Wade's earthquake capsize and legalized abortion back to the Legislature.

This changed the campaign conversation, revitalized the left-wing base, and helped the Democrats regain the House of Representatives in 2018, but in the 2020 parliamentary elections and last November. Republican victory in Virginia and New Jersey elections.

Abortion-rights protesters gather outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Friday, June 24, 2022.

Abortion protesters in Washington's Supreme Court Gather outside on Friday, June 24, 2022.((AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana))

The Democratic Party points out a poll conducted following the Supreme Court's ruling. The majority of Americans disagree with this opinion, indicating that it may motivate more Democrats than Republicans to vote in the medium term. They aim to turn their anger at the decision into ballot box support, even though Republicans aim to keep their attention to rising prices and crime within the five months of the interim period.

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"Dozens to dozens of approaches There are many people who are candidates for the Democratic Party when the elections on Election Day have an abortion problem, " veteran Democratic Party voter John Ansalone told Fox News.  

"On election day, abortion will be illegal in the vast parts of the United States, where voters didn't expect it. There are no exceptions to rape and incest. This will make Republican candidates defensive in just one month, "emphasized Anzalone, the lead voter for President Byden's 2020 campaign.

But long-time Republican consultant David Kearney said, "Say something works and knowing something works is not the same thing. Democrats call wolves. Use this issue like a crying boy. They do this every cycle when there is no agenda. ""

Many Republican presidents and state-wide campaigns over the last few decades Veteran Kearney admitted that "clearly people are concerned in some states" about the issue of abortion.

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But he's the most important mid-term challenge Is "$ 5 gas" and soaring prices for household kerosene, natural gas and electricity.

And Republicans counter attacks against abortion by highlighting what they describe as the Democratic Party's "fundamental position to support abortion until the moment of birth." I am aiming for.

Paul Steinhauser is a New Hampshire-based political reporter.