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Dems's ironic ploy to nominate MAGA candidates shows that they really don't care about democracy.

There is a contradiction at the heart of the Democratic Party's message since the midterm elections. They say democracy itself is at stake by former President Donald Trump and his supporters. President Joe Biden warns against the threatposed by the "Super MAGA Republican". This is the phrase in itself the product of months of research by allies.

But what are Democrats actually doing? Millions of dollars have been invested to boost a Republican campaign that can be generously described as "super-MAGA," some of which make the former president look like Edmund Burke's second coming.

Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker, if Biden refused to seek reelection in 2024, was advertised to some as party savior and his against more moderate enemies. Spent $ 30 million to help the preferred Republican challenger. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's Political Action Committee and other Democratic groups are paying foradvertising and are actively promoting the Republicans they consider to be fringe candidates. Even some of the more negative commercials tended to raise the profile of these Republicans before the primary.

Nancy Pelosi
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At one count, more Democrats Spent more than $ 42 million to advertise Republicans who claim they are most afraid to run the country. why.

This is a cynical trick that is not uncommon in politics. Democrats believe it will be easier to defeat these candidates. It will give them the coveted advantage in maintaining their razor-thin parliamentary majority, which is in serious danger this fall. It is known to work from time to time in the past.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill is famous for helping Todd Akin, who won the Republican primary in the 2012 Republican primary (he in the "legitimate rape" comment). She recently told National Public Radiothat. "I knew he might say strange things if he was nominated. And because he was low on money, we did a poll and Republican voters really wanted about him.

McCaskill defeated Akin from 54.7% to 39.2% six years ago, and eventually fell to Republican Senator Josh Hawley, leaving the Democratic Party for another two years. Retained the Senate. "I just gambled the biggest gambling in my political career, $ 1.7 million, and it paid off," she later boasted in her editorial. "I ran for the US Senate to be re-elected as a Democrat from Missouri, and I managed the Republican primary to confront the candidate I was most likely to win in the general election."

However, it does not always work. The most obvious example is Trump himself. Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton's campaign team, were licking their chops aboutfacing Trump"reading a note to the Democratic National Committee at the time, Trump and others. He mentioned that Republicans think they are the most defeatable. There was a generous chat about helping Trump.

US Senator Claire McCaskill poses for a photo with supporters

via Getty Images I remember Taka. In retrospect, Trump was in a better position to keep the Rust Belt away from Clinton than Democratic candidate Marco Rubio. And in 2020, Trump again had less than 43,000 votes in the three states doing it.

The risk is even higher given the political situation the Democratic Party is currently facing. The Associated Press / NORC pollfound that 85% see the country going in the wrong direction. Biden's employment approval rate is about 20 points underwater on average for RealClearPolitics votes. He is in his thirties in many fierce battle states that determine elections. Inflation, which is increasingly framing as our patriotic obligation to endure the White House, continues to be rampant. And history is unfriendly to the parties in power during these cycles.

Many Republican candidates will win the election this fall, including those who may not be ideal candidates under normal circumstances. Some fairly unorthodox Republicans have won earlier wave elections, especially in the House of Representatives, such as 1994 and 2010.

Hillary Clinton
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This unruly strategy defends democracy It undermines the Democratic Party's claim. Trafficking in suspicious allegations about the 2020 presidential election is a dangerous event, such as the January 6 parliamentary riot, while systematically supporting these candidates to secure their election dominance. You cannot claim to believe that you will be mercilessly connected to.

This just emphasizes that voters are likely to come to a conclusion in November. Whatever the Republican issue is, the Democrats do not deserve power.

W. James Antle III, the political editor of the Washington Examiner, "devours freedom: can big government be stopped"