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Dems unites January 6 and Rho for a new battlefield target: "MAGA" Republican

"All these dangerous people are running under the new MAGA Republican brand. They pay the price. "Let's do it," said Senator Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), who heads the campaign division of the Democratic House of Representatives. Using the word "MAGA" nine times in an interview of about nine minutes, he states:

Democrats keep voters away from volatile economy and dissatisfaction with the Biden administration in less than five months before the election Would be difficult. .. But the majority are saved by margins, they say, and Democrats can attack Republican fringes to protect important lawns in states like New Jersey, Virginia, and Ohio. I'm betting that I can.

It's not clear how much January 6 resonates with voters as Congressman Liz Cheney (Republican) may find it in her own major battle across the aisle next month. But with the addition of female voters' anger over the right to abortion to the mix, Democrats hope to block the path to power in the suburbs of the Republicans.

"Swing voters are, by definition, rational people," Maloney said. "The MAGA Republican obsession with ending abortion, ignoring January 6th, and ignoring violence in our school does not fit well with the suburban swing voters needed to win the election."

Personally, few Democrats believe this strategy is sufficient to counter the brutal headwinds of the year. And, as President Joe Biden himself discovered, using "MAGA" as a label risks making Trump's base bold.

The biggest theme in November is the treatment of Biden's economy. The Democratic Party will counterprogram these inflation concerns with a hit against about half a dozen GOP candidates who have caused headaches to the party due to issues such as rape and anti-government conspiracy theories. This summer.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) Could a woman become pregnant after hearing an audio tapeleaked by Republican opponent Yesri Vega. He said he was surprised when asked if he was low. As a result of rape.

Spanberger called the comment "lacking reality." And she pointed out that this wasn't the first time Vega, a local deputy sheriff, made a headline in her remarks. Earlier this spring, Vegadefended the mobon January 6 as "a group of Americans exercising the rights of the First Amendment."

"Can we rely on such a person to solve the real problem?" Spanberger said. A spokesperson for the Republican Campaign Division declined to comment, and Vega Campaign contacts did not respond to requests for comment.

Despite democratic enthusiasm to chase the far-right candidate, some Republicans were lucky because they fell into the primary in the first half of the primary. .. This is a former GOP governor candidatewho refused to recognize his race by Republicans,, famous for "biting wine"in the January 6 riots. ,candidates are included. I consulted with a white supremacistabout his social media strategy.

Still, the Democrats are looking at some other Republican candidates who have obvious weaknesses in the harsh lawns of Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina. According to a 34-page internal document obtained by POLITICO, the Democratic Parliamentary Campaign Committee is tracking at least six Republican candidates who attended the Washington, DC event on January 6. Other methods, such as claiming your loss, were fraud.

This includes Derrick Van Oden, who preferred to turn over the battlefield seats in Wisconsin. Former Navy Seal, a good recruitofin 2020, faces criticism for using old election funds to travel toWashington DC on January 6. doing. Riot by Donald Trump supporters.

In another Midwestern swing seat, Democrats are chasing Air Force veteran JR Majevsky, who raised $ 25,000 to send people to the Capitol on January 6. violence. However, his opponent, Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), recently ran an adaccusing him of breaking a police barricade outside the building.

Kaptur isn't the only Democrat on the battlefield using that approach.

A few days after the start of the hearing on January 6, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.)launched an ad blaming the other party to defend the guardian of the vow. I did.

"That's not what people want from leaders, they don't want radicals. They really want people to work with both sides," Gottheimer said. He said the hearing was "a reminder that we didn't want to return."

In a sense, the party's more aggressive attack style is similar to what the Republicans have been doing for years. That is, accuse the enemy of being a "far-left liberal" or a "radical socialist." Keep in mind that Democrats on the battlefield do not always want to shoot Republicans directly, and many of their voters and parliamentary allies are conservative.

The situation has changed. The Republicans who traded wereendangered species, and their relationship with the Democrats was contested during the Trump era. Maloney's campaign department is far more eager to connect Republican candidates to the former president, laying the groundwork for anti-Trump voters in the same suburbs who pushed them to a majority in 2018. I was enthusiastic about it.

"The point is that MAGA Republicans are different from other Republicans. "I think," Maloney said when asked, even though some of the party disagree with the tactics of borrowing Trump's preferred acronym, but Democrats are leaning towards thelabel. Please explain the reason. "MAGA is an important difference between the extreme elements of the Republican Party and the old-fashioned version of the Republican Party, which wasn't so crazy before."

Top Republicans shrugged primarily. increase. Rep. Tom Emmer (Republican), who heads the National Republican Parliamentary Commission, has made it clear that his party will continue to hit inflation as its most important task.

Early signs that the GOP may not have to worry:A poll by Republican state operativestook place hours after the Supreme Court's ruling, 56 It turns out that% of people chose the economy as the most important issue, 8% said abortion.

"Prices are very high due to the Democratic Party's very reckless spending. That's the policy voters care most about, and November will be decided," the NRCC said. Communication Director Michael Macadams said in a statement.

In recent years, the NRCC has remainedneutral to's most controversial candidates, including Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican). Democrats are now successfully using her and her firefighter colleagues as a warning to their base

Retired Rep. John Yarmouth (D-Ky). ) States as follows. That's because it scared people's junk about their maniac.