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Despite the rebuke, Trump's Legal Brigade is thriving

Haller's Trajectory — From the accused provider of unfounded claims to the dependable lawyer of the MAGA extremists — The group, which is subject to disciplinary action against lawyers, has warned nonpartisan experts in legal ethics, which infuriates many liberal activists, including some. They should allow those who helped to justify the lies of the former president be allowed to use it as the basis for building their legal practices. Say no. Americans who endanger the integrity and democracy of US elections.

In total, at least 16 people representing plaintiffs in five federal proceedings promoting Trump's groundless fraud allegations on major battlefields in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Lawyers are in good condition or have no record of disciplinary action. According to POLITICO reviews, their respective bar associations or licensing authorities.

Since then, 14 of them have assisted fraudulent conspirators or conspirators behind Trump's attempt to maintain power despite losing President Joe Biden's election. Engaged in additional work to do. These include the accused January 6 mob defenders, consultations for an "audit" of partisan elections, or doubts about the integrity of national elections. POLITICO found that it included advocacy for planting or participation in legal proceedings.

Powell and Giuliani are the most famous national law voices that have fostered plots to fuel violent attacks on the Capitol. Efforts to reach them have failed.

Powell provides evidence of widespread voting fraud to prove that Trump won the election in November 2020. By doing so, he said, "I will release the scam." In fact,all proceedings were dismissed within a few days by judges appointed by both Democratic and Republican presidents. But in the process, Giuliani and Powell gathered a pool of lawyers who were willing to push Trump's lies into court.

However, many legal experts now consider this lawyer network to be a risk for future orderly election management, and the lawyers involved are dissatisfied with funding from Trump supporters. Claims that the fines are inadequate because they are easy to procure. And he is enthusiastic about spreading the lies of the election.

"These lawyers have to quit legal affairs, which is very easy," claims David Fink, a lawyer responsible for banning Michigan lawyers, including Haller. To do. "They ignored the oath, lied to the court, and spread the" big lie "," Fink said.

While arguing that fines are not sufficient deterrence, Fink reports that Powell has raised $ 14 million by spreading unfounded allegations about fraudulent elections, including in proceedings. 55} Quoted.

Fink is partnering with 65 projects, a new bipartisan group, spending millions of dollars to eliminate 100 lawyers who have worked on Trump's post-election proceedings. Thefirst ethical complaintwas targeted at the top names of Trump's teams submitted to bars in their respective states in March. Group director Michael Tetter confirmed that the group is currently preparing to file a series of complaints against a lesser-known lawyer who has filed a lawsuit on the basis of unfounded evidence.

It is unclear whether the state bar association has taken any disciplinary action or dismissed the complaint because the investigation needs to be kept confidential. Most states that provide disciplinary action online post only final opinions or orders.

POLITICO is Washington D, where many lawyers are registered. C. Contacted the bar association or regulatory committee responsible for disciplinary action in Michigan, Wisconsin. They all declined to comment, citing the rules of confidentiality.

According to court records, Haller was one of nine lawyers representing plaintiffs in a Michigan case, and was dismissed in other states, including the "chief" lawyer in Arizona. He was involved in four similar proceedings filed. Similar to the Michigan proceedings, the Arizona proceedings raised questions about ballot tampering and hacked voting machines. Judge stated that the plaintiff "wanted for relevant or credible evidence" and dismissed it without hearing"

Last year 2 In a complaint filed in Michigan in May, lawyers involved in the case stated that they were the target of a partisan harassment campaign.

"The Governor of the Democratic Party, the Secretary of State of the Democratic Party, and the Chief Prosecutor of the Democratic Party join the judges appointed by the Democratic Party and confirmed by the Democratic Party, and are appointed and supervised by the entity of the state controlled by the Democratic Party. A Democratic lawyer's career to advance the mainstream Democratic position in the 2020 presidential elections seeking killing from disciplinary bodies. "

Judges in writing before dismissing her case After reviewing the allegations and documents, Haller claims that her team never filed a lawsuit in front of an Arizona judge, as did in other cases.

"No preliminary hearings are held, and the old expression that" lack of justice leads to conflict "comes to mind. Ask George Floyd protesters about it. I personally had nothing to do with January 6th, "she said in response to an email question from POLITICO.

In Wisconsin next door, Michael Dean was the plaintiff's chief lawyer in a Wisconsin case alleging "ballot stuffing" fraud. Dean's team revoked the election results, declared Trump the winner, and tried to imprison Dominion's voting machine.

In dismissing the case, Judge Pamela Pepper said: I wonder why plaintiffs came to federal court and asked federal judges to do so. Dean representsformer judge Michael Gableman of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, conducting a partisan audit of Wisconsin's 2020 election results, andis the leader of the Democratic Party. After blaming him, he wants to revoke the recognition of the state electoral college vote. A big city of fraud.

Such an audit is a way to continue the fight for 2020, even after the court dismisses the proceedings. They have emerged as another source of work for Protrump lawyers.

Dean did not respond to the request for comment.

David Levin, a former returning officer in Boise, Idaho, supports severe punishment for lawyers who have continued to fuel election controversy even after losing his credibility. Levine is now a Fellow of the Alliance's Election Honesty to Secure Democracy, which is part of the German Marshall Foundation, an independent policy organization.

"If these people are not held accountable, they not only undermine confidence in the legal profession and the integrity of the elections, but also continue to engage in actions that endanger the lives of Americans. You will feel bold, "he said.

"In 2020, we confirmed that false election information could not only contribute to riots, but also cause physical harm and loss of life," Levine said. .. "After the Watergate scandal, we saw the legal profession at the forefront of ethical reform, which is dramatically different from what we see here," he said.

"Unsupported Claims"

US lawyers have plenty of room to file proceedings and speak out of court. Nevertheless, state bar associations generally seek to self-defense lawyers in accordance with a general set of rules prohibiting lawyers from proceeding, unless "the law and facts are grounded and not frivolous." .. The association states.

In New York, the State Court of Appealshas suspended Giuliani's licensefor making "apparently false and misleading" statements about widespread fraudulent voting.

AndThe Michigan Occupational Code of Conductdoes not allow lawyers to deliberately "make a false statement of material facts or law" or "do not correct" such statement. It stipulates that it cannot be done.

According to a pending complaint filed with the Michigan Lawyer Complaints Commission by a coalition of Michigan lawyers, the team in the case involving Haller made only a number of false allegations. "Especially before filing a proceeding, the allegations of false facts were dismissed by the state court." According to the complaint, when presented with an opportunity to defend their allegations, lawyers dismissed the case "voluntarily" rather than providing "de facto defense."

In her sanctions statement, Judge Parker said: Parker continued. "Attorneys have abused established rules that apply to the proceedings process by filing unsubstantiated claims. Filing unsubstantiated claims."

"Lawyer's Heart"

Legal experts determine whether the key to disciplining lawyers in frivolous cases is knowing that the facts and arguments they filed are incorrect. Say that.

Ben Ginsberg, one of the most prominent and conservative election lawyers in the country, said: Trust in them.

Barry Richard, who represented former President George W. Bush in a 2000 election proceeding in Florida, was deliberately filed a false complaint by a lawyer. I agreed that I needed to prove that. More important measures, such as revoking a legal license.

Still, the rules of the state bar association are different, but "Anyone who takes an unfounded position that a fraud has been committed violates the rules of the bar association, whatever the state. You will be subject to disciplinary action, "Richard said.

Members of the panel of bipartisan homes investigating the January 6 riots repeatedly warned that the challenge to the national system of independent election management remains a serious threat.

It's his successful campaign, which raises questions about the security of US elections, regardless of the final penalties for Trump and his inner circle, on a similar platform for Republican candidates nationwide. This is because it prompted execution. According to theUS Democracy Center, a nonpartisan organization that promotes safe elections, two of the threeGovernor and Secretary of State contests"reject elections". It has been.

Barry Burden, director of the Election Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, acts before resorting to officers to support false allegations against lawyers who fuel the flames of election conspiracy. Insisted that it was important to raise.

When various contestants win the campaign, Baden said: We support it and testify, or move it forward in multiple ways, "he said.

"It's alarming that the network of rejected elections remains active," Burden said.


Many of Powell's co-lawyers will continue to actively promote conspiracy around 2020. On behalf of the plaintiffs in the Michigan proceedings. Despite the sanctions order, Juntila continued to post what he called "evidence" of the 2020 election fraud on the Telegram channel, alleging that he interfered with Michigan's Attorney General and Secretary of State. On behalf of the Secretary of State. A unique self-proclaimed investigation into fraudulent voting. In 2020, Reefattended a rally related to COVID restrictionswith members of the militia who were later accused of abducting Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In mid-April, Junttila shared on social media avideo of her appearanceat the Stew Peters Show claiming evidence of fraud in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. , By the election authorities along the union. And on May 5, Juntilla submitted a brief document appealing for her sanctions, claiming that "serious and legitimate concerns remain" in the elections that had "significant irregularities." .. Juntilla did not respond to the request for comment.

On her side, Powell hasn't repented either.

At a hearing in July 2021 before Parker,Powell stated. We welcome the opportunity to actually prove our case.