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Dog owners sue rock and roll accountants to prevent New York co-operatives from eviction of barking peasants

He works in a symphonic rock band, but barking dogs are not audible music.

An accountant renting a cooperative apartment in the Upper East Side sued her downstairs neighbor for trying to kick her out with a "continuous" scream of her dog "snowball." It has been.

Adam Seidel, the accounting auditor of the company that manages the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has been accused in a "non-stop course of harassment" court document against Blanche Zelmanovich, who purchased 18. -January 2021 West Highland White Terrier Pond.

Saidel's "threatening and harassing behavior" included sending a Zelmanovich text message or took your dog away, "and warned," How did you do this? Think wisely about what you want to end up with. "

Zermanovich's Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit was given to her last year when Seidel accused her of violating her debt and house rules. Claims to have "supported" co-defendant Eastmore Owners Corporation.

Adam Seidel

Zelmanovich complained about her pet from Seidel's unidentification. I came to the Lord. " The tenant and at least 15 other residents have signed an affidavit that describes snowball as a "quiet and well-behaved dog."

"I never hear too much noise from Blanche's apartment," writes neighbor Dalton Ann.

"In fact, you can hardly hear the sound of blanche or snowball from the apartment. It comes from the person living next door."

Zermanovich also said she " He suffers from "strong anxiety" and says he has provided snowballs with "emotional support and comfort."

Last month, an executive at Allied Partners, who manages the building, received a "many complaints" from an "above" apartment that included "countless hours" of snowball in an affidavit. I wrote that. The number of recordings made there "as well as the corridor outside the plaintiff's residence."

Snowball dog

Allied Vice President Adrian Alisea, company and cooperation committee Not saying "Have you ever received a written notice from your healthcare provider ... showing the disability the plaintiff is suffering from or the dog's prescription as an emotional support animal."

Long Seidel, who lives in Port Washington on the island, declined to comment on Friday, and his lawyer did not return the email from the post.

Eastmore's lawyer didn't send back a message either, and the doorman of the building said the neighbor on the second floor of Zelmanovich "has nothing to say."