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A dog wearing a bomb-detecting harness helps the NYPD patrol the city

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NYPDrecently introduced new technology to dog units to prevent terrorist attacks and keep Big Apple's subway system safe.  

This technology is called TREDD and stands for "Transit Enhanced Detection Dog".

Take the idea of ​​a bomb detection dog to a whole new level.

TREDD is an advanced explosives detection system. Combine a dog trained in explosives detection with a special harness equipped with electronic devices.  

BENGHAZI LEGEND MARK GEIST PRESENTS K9 SERVICE DOG TO COMBAT VET IN N.J. Dogs for detecting radiation and other biological or chemical agents that cannot be detected by the nose.

The concept was created by Lieutenant John Papas, commander of Transit Bureau K9 in Queens. Through intelligence, he realized that terrorist organizations were finding ways to circumvent the city's counterterrorism security measures.

The NYPD's K9 unit is using new technology that detects radiation and other biological or chemical agents, Fox News reported exclusively. 

NYPD's K9 unit is new to detect radiation Using technology and other biological or chemical agents, Fox News reported exclusively.  (Fox News)

". What I found in intelligence was ... Al Qaeda,international terrorist organizations like ISIS. And many others have deliberately created a gap in our detection capabilities that are unique to dogs, "he told Fox News. 

"They were adjusting it to avoid detection by dogs."

"They were starting to make unconventional explosive devices. They were me. As we are studying, we knew that these dogs could not be detected. Normal explosives such as TNT, C-4 and dynamite know that these dogs can be detected. We went another way. "

The dog harness sensor sends the measurements to the mobile command post in real time. 

Using funding from the grant, Lieutenant Papas and NYPD collaborate with Massachusetts-based private technology company Blueforce Development Corporation to realize his ideas. did.   

Members of the NYPD are able to track the readings coming from the dogs' harnesses — and respond in real time.  

NYPD members are dogs You can track measurements from your harness and respond in real time.   (Fox News)

Once the harness is created, NYPD will work withFDNYfor the next training program. is created. Determine what the sensor can detect and how to understand the readings.

Harness sensors send measurements to the mobile command post in real time.  NYPD members can track measurements and respond in real time, turning the commander's eyes and ears to the ground.

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"I can stay and track somewhere," said Edwin Ramirez, a NYPD officer, one of the trainers. 

"That is, if you have a team in Brooklyn or a team sent to Manhattan, you can pull them up and see where they are at the same time, even if you're not on site. All readings and information. "

Lieutenant Papas said he used theTREDD dog during a subway shooting in Brooklyn on April 12. 

A dog in the New York City Police Department's K9 unit at work — and outfitted with a sophisticated new harness — in the subway system.

With the new dog subway system New York Police Department K9 unit in operation (and equipped with a sophisticated new harness). (Fox News)

"I deployed these units there and knew exactly where they were. What they detected. I knew exactly what I was doing, "said Lieutenant Papas. "And we moved the pieces to make sure they covered all the areas that needed to be swept."

As Fox News reported earlier this week, the NYPD equipped with this technology. It is the only police station in the world. 

The first version debuted in 2015 during the visit of the Pope with theUN General Assembly.  

Since then, NYPD has been updating the system while collecting new information. 

"I had time to upgrade and tweak the equipment to complete this version."

Lieutenant Papas said. NYPD stated that it spent productive time during theCOVID blockage

"When everyone was blocked during the pandemic, finally tweaked it and It was an opportunity to upgrade the technology, "says Papas. 

A NYPD K9 team on patrol is shown entering a New York City subway. 

The NYPDK9 teams on patrol are displayed. Enter the New York City Subway.  (Fox News)

"And we did exactly that with the blockade."

"I Our team, the NYPD K9 program, had time to train, so we can honestly say that we got out of the blockade much stronger than when we entered it. "

" Equipment We had time to upgrade, tweak, and complete and publish this version. ”

While NYPD was creating the TREDD, they demonstrated it for the Pentagon. , Shared information with other partners — but no one else has a TREDD dog. 

"If there is such a threat to all of us, it's not good to store it. This is not just a threat to New York City," says Lieutenant Papas. I did. .. 

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"Repeat, this is An example of how NYPD stopped working. How to protect citizens, and at the same time, how to protect the world's citizens by sharing such information. "

Maria Paronich is a field producer in the Northeastern Bureau of Fox News.