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DOJ searches for a former civil servant's home to assist Protrump's "coup" suspect

DOJ is a former supporter of the alleged "coup" of Protrump. Searching for a civil servant's house

What Jeffrey Clark's employer called a "pre-dawn raid" is expected to scrutinize him and other Trump allies on January 6th. I came the day before the hearing of the selection committee.

Then-Acting Assistant U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Clark speaks at a news conference.

Law enforcement officials are former Justice Ministry official Jeffrey Clark's Virginia I searched for a house in the state. According to his employer and colleagues in the former Trump administration.

Las Voat, former President Donald Trump's White House budget director and now working with Clark at the American Rebirth Center, tweetedon Wednesday. Authorities searched Jeff Clark's house in a pre-dawn raid, placed him on the streets of his pjs, and took his electronics with him. A spokesperson for the US law firm in Washington just said law enforcement had recently engaged in "activities" near Clark's house.

The office is leading an investigation related to the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, but a spokesperson refused to relate the activity to individuals or investigations.

This activity was in January of Congress. The last .6 Election Commission was set up to initiate a hearing that is expected to scrutinize Clark and other allies of the former President. The hearing was originally scheduled for June 15, but has been postponed. Some panel members, including Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Believe that the challenges associated with video production for that session and other sessions have been delayed.

Former DOJ officials, including Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy Richard Donohue, put Clark on DOJ during the last chaotic days of his administration. I have previously testified that I tried to install it in. A department that justifies his false allegations of fraudulent elections.

Vought tweeted that the raid on Clark's house was "all because Jeff thought it was suitable for investigating fraudulent elections. This is not the United States." He also wrote that his organization was on the side of Clark and that the assault was part of the "new era of criminalizing politics" in the United States.

Clark is currently a senior researcher in a group headed by Vot. The Department of Justice, Department of Justice, is in charge of most of the Trump administration.ABC News first reported Wednesday morning that a federal agent searched Clark's house in Lawton, Virginia..