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Don't be fooled by 'tough' Ho-chul: Her rotten bail law (and election) is why the sucker puncher was released in the first place

New York City looks more and more like a haunted house, but it's only the real thing, and there's no laughter of relief when the ride ends. In the meantime, our leadership is waving in the air with elaborate decorations, hoping that not only will we not pull the rabbit out of our hats, but we won't even notice our hats are missing. In 1994, New Yorkers were shocked, but surprised, when Bui Van Hoo, who was on life parole for raping a teenager, hit a stranger on a sidewalk in the Bronx with a sucker. I didn't. For no reason. His victim has his skull fractured and is in a coma.

New York's only series latest episode "Look Who's Walking?" Fu was released on the streets without bail. Although he was arrested for attempted murder, Bronx DA Darcel his Clark officedowngraded his charge to a misdemeanor. That means, under New York State's welcome bail system, Hu couldn't legally go to jail to await trial.

Van Phu Bui
NY Sex Offenders Registry

Don't Forget — Laws Against Barbarians As a legal defense bar he is technically innocent! Yes, I know how the presumption of innocence works in court. However, we also know that Fu is clearly a dangerous person, based on video evidence of the crime. However, New York State is the only jurisdiction lacking a bail "risk" standard. In other words, the only consideration in allocating bail in New York is the risk of escape, no matter how brutal, vicious, or unbridled the apparently violent perpetrator is.

Governor Kathy Hochul tried to play the main character in the Hu case. "I took action on my own," she boasted, directing the state's Department of Corrections to arrest Hu for violating parole. There is," Ho-chul explained, "I will stand up and protect them."

In other words, Bui Van Hoo was lucky to have raped a teenager thirty years ago. Because it was the only way the country could get him off the streets after he attacked a pedestrian and fractured his skull. We are also fortunate that the entire event was clearly captured on video. Without the gruesome visual evidence, it's unlikely the case would have made such a big splash.

It was also fortunate that Hochul was facing elections in a few months, and that her opponent, Lee Her Zeldin, was about to hold a press conference. Angered by the rising chaos that threatens to overwhelm their city. Who says she would have bothered to reply otherwise? I am also asking for it,” he added. It's unclear why she would ask her DA to look into the law when she needs to press the Democrats who hold the majority in the state legislature to change the law.

But if Ho-Chol is serious about wanting a job as a state district attorney, Ron DeSantis of Florida recently took a bold step toGovernor Ho-Chol has the power to boot DA Darsel Clark,Alvin Braggand Eric Gonzalez.

New York Post cover for Friday, August 19.
The cover of the Sucker Punch Crime in the New York Post on Friday, August 19th.

But doing something pragmatic about crime and impunity in New York would agitate her political base, and they would bring sanity back into our criminal justice system. By empowering and unfairly stigmatizing racist judges (in the Bronx?) New Yorkers (like convicted rapists?) Instead, I adopted the tried-and-true strategy of relabeling reality to sound better. According to State Senator Gustavo Rivera, just last week she signed a billto change "inmates" to "inmates" in her official documents.

Language is especially important to reckless politicians like Ho-chul and Rivera. Because they have absolutely no control over what is happening in the physical, real world. If there's one thing we've learned in this age of progressive social dominance, it's that when reality doesn't live up to your expectations, be it gender, inflation, or crime, all you have to do is change your definition of reality. Then you will definitely win.

Seth Barron (@sethbarronnyc) is editor-in-chief of The American Mind and author of "The Last Days of New York" (Humanix).