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Donald Trump arrives in Lower Manhattan and is grilled by AG James

Former President Donald Trump arrived in Lower Manhattan Wednesday morning to serve as Attorney General for New York State Attorneys Investigation into Letitia James' resort and real estate business interviewed.

The former commander-in-chief turned up in the parking lot of the building containing one of his in James' offices just before 9:00 a.m., climbed into his one of several black SUVs, and pulled him off. I took him to the witness stand.

He left Trump Tower at 8:34 am and moved to 28 Liberty Street.

The arrival comes after multiple news outlets reported on Tuesday that the former president is scheduled to be questioned Wednesday by state AG prosecutors about an investigation into the Trump organization.

In a social media post, a 76-year-old Floridian admitted to the meetingwhile calling the investigation a "witch hunt" and James a "racist." claimed to be.

Donald Trump is seen leaving Trump Tower on Wednesday morning.

James said Trump's firm was "fraudulent or misleading." Say you have proof that you used buildings, golf clubs, and other assets to get loans and tax benefits.

About 40 minutes before Trump arrived Wednesday morning, Eric Trump, one of the 45th president's sons, said truth on his social resented about James.

"When my father sat for depositions before America's most corrupt Attorney General of New York (Letitia James), I saw all the mama) I want to remind Americans who exactly this evil person is: a woman," he nodded.

Trump is expected to be grilled for most of the day.
Robert Miller

“The Weaponization of the Legal System – All You See – All coordinated efforts to stop what they know will happen in 2024.

AG representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The deposition follows years of delays, lawsuits and appeals related to the investigation, which began in 2019.  Based on the sworn testimony of attorney Michael Cohen.

James recently filed testimony of Trump and his adult children following the death of Ivana Trump in July. then deported Ivanka and Donald Jr.

The deposition follows years of delays, lawsuits and appeals in connection to the investigation.
Robert Miller 62}

The finances of the Trump Organization are also under investigation by Manhattan prosecutors.

The former president faces many legal problems.

On Monday, federal officials closed the Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. While searching for records and classified information of the president suspected of being illegally removed from the National Archives, where he allegedly opened a safe there, raids and opened a safe.

The Department of Justice also announced in 2020 that investigating Trump's role in trying to overturn the results of the 2021 election and his culpability in the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot.

77} The former president offered a half-hearted wave on his way to the deposition.

Meanwhile, Georgia prosecutors consider subpoenaing Trump in connection with election Peach State Fraud Investigation .

Trump has denied all accusations of wrongdoing and is considering a White House candidacy for a third consecutive presidential cycle.