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Donald Trump runs in 2024 and regains presidency, says Dick Morris

Donald Trump will undoubtedly run for president again in 2024, easily win the Republican nomination, and in his self-proclaimed "secret" An adviser to recapture a White House argues in a provocative new book.

Dick Morris, a veteran political consultantwho advised Bill Clinton for years, says he served as Trump's unpaid backchannel adviser in 2020. His father, Eugene Morris, is a longtime real estate lawyer for Trump's dad, Fred, and his son Donald. So they have a long-standing connection.

In his new book, The Return: Trump's 2024 Comeback (Humanix Books), Morris saysbuyers reflect on Bidenand the Democratic Party — historic inflation andGas pricesand fears of recession will welcome Trump to the Oval Office, among other things, for his good policies.

"Trump will run. Trump wins. Yes, yes. I've talked dozens of times since the former president resigned, but our conversations are always in 2020. It was about how he was fooled, or how he would return in 2024, "Morris wrote.

The Return by Dick Morris
Dick Morris said he served as an unpaid adviser to former President Donald Trump in 2020.

After a while, I took my eyes off the ball — back to the White House. … But he can win. Not only can he win, he will win, and no one else can. Sure, he will be our 47th president, just as he was our 45th president.

"I don't accept alternatives. Only he can put together a coalition that won 74 million votes in 2020. And we are bleached, kinder and better. We also don't want the gentler Donald Trump. We won in 2016 and won 11 million votes in 2020, the same one who was one of our truly great presidents in the meantime. Donald Trump wants.

Controversial image makers resigned from Bill Clinton's reelection campaign in 1996 in aprostitution scandalHe included what he did in his baggage and called Trump "one of the great presidents of America." "And" immeasurable results ".

"But a bigger compliment is how he challenged almost every facility in the country to achieve what America needed and what our people demanded," Morris said. I am writing.

He said Trump's more popular tax, energy and immigration policies were superior to Biden and the Democratic Party.

"He went against the establishment of the economy by letting Congress pass a significant tax cut that was crafted for the middle class, the working poor, and small businesses. The establishment was wealthy. He said a tax cut to the strata, and it would drip into other parts of society, but Trump knew that the trickle down did not always occur, so he said the tax cut was recent. We have confirmed that it is the first in history to target the lower middle class, the working poor. Trump has signed a law that gives a tax deduction of $ 2,000 per child. " Is writing.

Meanwhile, President Biden and other Democrats defended the record ofrecord inflationin the South,surged crime, andillegal immigrants. } Needs to be increased. Border.

"Prove that Trump works better. It's easy. When Trump was president, he did better, so we know Trump works better. "Morris said.

"No inflation, few illegal immigrants, and little increase in crime during the first three years of his term, so he disagrees with Trump's success and Biden's success again where he failed. Biden cannot change his position. Democrats are trapped in records of inflation, illegal immigration, and increased crime, and escape Democrats at the point of maneuverability and clever discussions. You can't. "

Dick Morris
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Morris, Trump, U.S.A. He said it was proved by making energy dependent on foreign oil. It has a higher priority than the Democrats driving climate change, and the price of gas in pumps is about $ 5 per gallon.

"Environmental groups wanted to get rid of fossil fuels and move to wind and solar energy, but Mr. Trump said 40 to make us energy-independent. He pointed out that he has been working hard for years. "

"So why give that power? Especially for solar panels that don't work in cloudy weather or wind turbines that don't turn on on calm days. Instead, he goes to America. He said that the future OPEC would use our energy forces for democracy and human rights. "

He said that when Trump resigned, America would use energy. Said it did not depend on.

On another issue that is important to voters, Morris said Trump and the Republicans play as a party of law and order, a strong move to weaken Biden and the Democrats in the midterm elections. Said to have. Midterm elections and fall in 2024.

He said the left wing of the Democratic campaign thatwould reimburse the police was thatwas a gift to Trump and the Republicans.

"The criminal issue is particularly toxic to the Democrats, as it is clear to voters that it wasn't a bad issue before Biden was elected. Before 2019, crime was off the headline and in general. But after Biden's election, the crime rate soared due to the campaign to defend the police and the criticism of devoted, responsible, fair and diligent voters. Do you take responsibility? Understand that, "Morris said.  

"The Left wants to reduce the number of uniformed police and replace them with social workers and psychologists to stop violence and escalation, so the next criminal If you're worried that you're trying to break into your home, call 911 and wait for a social worker to arrive, "he said.

"The goal of the Left is not to reduce crime by reducing the number of murders, rapes and robbers. It reduces punishment, imprisonment, and harsh judgments by decriminalizing crime. That's it. "

He said that the non-criminalization of marijuana made sense, but the Democratic Party went too far with policies such as eliminating cash bailouts


For a sanction-free trial, the Left is moving swiftly to eliminate the consequences of all criminal activity, the non-criminalization of crime. Crime and punishment have been superseded by crime and have a different perspective, "Morris said.

However, Morris is in 2021 at the Capitol of the Book, written before therecent revelationat a parliamentary hearing on Trump's role in inciting demonstrators. He downplays the January 6 riots. He said parliamentary Democrats exaggerated their hands by impeaching Trump against his supporters who broke the Capitol building.

"The mob's actions on January 6 were clearly vicious, but there were few attempts at the riots reported by the media," Trump's colleagues claim.

Morris told the post on Tuesday that the January 6 committee hearing "backfired on a large scale."

"The hearing has the quality of Roman burns. A lot of hardship and a lot of distraction about nothing. The Democrats are so enthusiastic about the problem. It becomes clear that we are not talking about the concerns that plague the average person: highs and pump inflation, "he said.

Morris likens the Democratic Party's obsession with Trump, and the protest against the Republican Party in Parliament on January 6 made then President Bill Clinton MonicaLewinsky's sex scandal. I impeached him and hurt the GOP. The 1998 midterm election was because voters thought they had built a mountain from Monica Hill.

This book was also written before the Supreme Court's decision to revoke thehidden gun restrictions,the right to federal abortion. Overturned,abandoned officialsAuthority to regulate green gas emissions at power plants without Congressional approval. This will allow the Democrats to vote.

"I don't think the Supreme Court's ruling this term will adversely affect Trump's or Republican's chances of 22 or 24," he said.

"Abortion decisions have the most potential impact, but because state law continues to be enforced, the impact is primarily theoretical and people can see how it works. If you look at it, you can see that it hasn't changed much in practice. It must be seen in the context of criminal reform. " People will understand the rationality of the argument that if the government does not protect us, we should have the right to protect ourselves.

The court's decision to limit the president's ability to impose environmental regulations to control pollution does not hurt the GOP. Blind obedience to their wishes.

Morris says Trump and the Republicans must move forward from claiming that the 2020 elections have been stolen, encouraging his supporters to vote by mail and face-to-face. I advised. There were several ballots, but "In fact, the Democrats were able to cast the ballots to voters more legally than we were, so we eventually lost.

" The Democrats voted. By bringing the paper to the voter's front door and collecting it there to collect the ballots, I won because I dug deeper into the ballots. As any pizza delivery boy says, home delivery goes out every time. Better than

"Like the widespread use of early voting and absentee voting, paper ballots stay here. We must adjust and win under the new rules. Republican Party Troublesome, but home delivery, which is a vote on paper ballots at home, prevailed. Now we have to win using the new rules.

Morris , He and his wife, Eileen McGann, spoke to Trump almost 100 times over the phone during the 2020 campaign and worked closely with poller John McLaughlin to advise the president outside the formal campaign structure. He dedicated the book to his wife, Irene, who co-authored his previous book that suffered a stroke last year.

"Refusal to pay Some said Trump was suspicious of what he had paid and was worried that he might have been torn. By declining his formal role in the campaign. I felt that I could avoid the furious battles inside, "Morris said.

"We also, in collaboration with the President, decided that the role of telephone and our consulting should be kept secret, and that remained for the next seven months."

Morris also laughed at what he had learned about Trump. His aggressive and powerful personality cannot be changed.

"Trump is Trump. Do you like it or put it together. He will never change, and I can't divorce his attitude from his successful consequences. I noticed that if you change one, the other will be confiscated, "he said.

He previously stated that the 2024 contest could be a rematch betweenTrump and Hillary Clinton.